Sunday, 23 October 2016

Dark Lips & Killer Wings

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So for my last post I did a go to makeup look that I wear if I don't want to do a full eye look but for this post I thought I would do a more autumnal look that I go for if I have a bit more time of a morning to get myself ready. As well as this being a makeup look, it also features so many of my favourite products at the minute as I've been trying out some new products lately so  I thought I could recommend them now and show how I use them!
As a base I've been using the Primark 'Strobe Cream' which I would definitely say is a dupe for Mac's as it is almost the exact same product just slightly more runny. It is the perfect base if you want to give a dewy finish for the skin and in the colder weather I find my skin goes a lot dryer so by using this is it moisturises my skin and makes it look healthy and glowing which is definitely a look I love to go for.
For this look I like to go for an orange toned brown or sometimes a slightly reddish brown depending how dark I'm wanting to go.  For this I usually use my NYX 'Beauty School Dropout palette' that I got gifted when I done a beauty school dropout day with Nicola Schullerinc and Lou Teasdale(I may do a post about it as it was an amazing experience). The palette is amazing and features everything you could possibly need! I then use NYX 'Matte Liquid Liner'. It is so easy to do a winged eye using it as the tip is fine you can make your wing super fine but you can also do a thick graphic line with it by building it up. Then to finish the eyes on I put a few coats of Urban Decay's 'Perversion mascara' as it makes my lashes so long and full that people have actually asked if I've had false lashes on! 
For my brows I've been reaching for my Benefit 'Gimme Brow' so much lately as I find when I use this first, I barely have to fill them in afterwards which then gives me such a natural look and since getting a fringe, I've found that brows aren't as much a staple look as you can barely see them.
To finish my look I've been going for a dark lip because as soon as the weather gets colder, my love for deep reds, browns and purples comes back in full swing and I cannot resist wearing them all the time. My most used and loved colour is NYX's 'Soft Matte Lip Cream' in Copenhagen as it is the perfect dark lip that lasts for so long and despite being matte, it isn't drying at all as you can't even feel them on the lips.

If you're enjoying these style posts then please let me know and I can do some more makeup looks, I really want to do some Halloween simple looks which I will hopefully get up this week so if you're interested then keep a look out for them! Also if you have any suggestions for posts then I am more than willing to listen to them as I really want to upload posts that you enjoy reading. I am thinking of doing a autumn/winter clothing essentials post but I just want to find the right place to photograph them as I don't want the pictures to look rubbish so hopefully I'll get round to doing that!
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