Sunday, 12 July 2015

Holiday Makeup Look

Hey Guys! So in my last blog post I showed you my holiday makeup essentials which was basically all the makeup items I'm going to be taking away with me. To follow on from that, I thought I would show you my go to makeup look using those items because this is probably the look I'll wear most nights whilst I'm on holiday. Like I said in my previous post, wearing makeup whilst on holiday is totally a personal preference but I love to just wear it of a night to feel more dressed up and ready I suppose.

Instead of saying every product again, I'll link my previous post here so you can check out what products I've used!
Obviously on holiday you want to go for a natural or dewy skin look so I kept the skin looking fresh by not powdering as much as using highlighting products to give a glowing look. I also chose to contour and then use a warm tone blush to give a sun kissed look because on holiday I tend to burn instead of tanning so I have to fake it! For eyes I kept them really simple and just ran a matte brown under them so I didn't have to use any eye liner which may have smudged in the heat and then I just topped it off with a lot of mascara because false lashes and heat are't the greatest match and I think they would have been too much for this look! Then to finish I decided to go for a coral lip to add some colour and also because I think coral really compliments tanned skin so it's a great holiday colour! Oh and finally I finished off with a few spritz of setting spray to keep my makeup on all day because you don't want your eyebrows down by your cheek!
From bare
To finished

Let me know what you think of the look and if you would wear it? If you take any inspiration from it then be sure to tweet me a photo or tag me in it on instagram so I can have a look, my links are below! Also, if you have any other blog posts you would like me to do that are holidy related, or not, then be sure to let me know and I'l try and get them up. If any of you are going on holiday soon then enjoy and don't be getting too brown haha! But if your not going away I hope you also have a lovely summer, or winter, or whichever season it is where you are.
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