Thursday, 9 April 2015


Hey guys! So last weekend I went to London for the day and whilst there I thought it was only fitting to go to KIKO because I've never been but I've seen so many good reviews of their products so I really wanted to try some items out! Although, I didn't end up getting loads because it was so over whelming and I couldn't decided what I wanted. I ended up getting two of the water eyeshadows, a precision lip liner and a lipstick. Also, for Easter I got some MAC items so I thought I would do a collective haul of both. I got two lipliners and a lipstick from MAC.

I'll start with KIKO. The first thing I picked were the eyeshadows because I've seen Velvetgh0st talk about them a lot and she always raves about how good they are.

This first shade is 203 which is like a plum/purple with pink undertones and silver reflex glitter in. Alone, this is like a sheen on the lids and is quite pigmented but with water(these are actually made to be used with water) it is like a foil on the lid. It is such a pretty colour, the camera doesn't do it justice.

The second colour is like a copper bronze with warm undertones and gold reflexes in. Again like the other eyeshadow it works alone but is intensified by water.

Then I got a lipliner in 308 which is like a berry colour but it is more of a bright shade so it is better for summer. I wore this last week and it almost all day without fading which is good considering I was eating and drinking.

Finally, I bought a lipstick in 805 which is a similar tone colour to the lipliner but it is more sheer and glossy than most colours I wear but I really like it.

Next I got MAC lipliner in Burgundy which is similar to the KIKO liner but it is a more deep shade of berry and has more greyish undertones.

Next I got a lipliner in Whirl which is like a 90's mauvey brown colour with pink tones also. I love it because I'm obsessed with the Kylie Jenner look at the minute.. Well for a while.

Finally I got a lipstick in the shade Brave which is a satin finish which is a change from it being matte or glossy. The shade is like a lilac/pink colour but more nude than a bright pink.

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  1. This is such a lovely haul, you got so many pretty things. I really want to go to a kiko store now! x
    han // emandhan xo