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Liebster Award...

Hey Guys! So last week I got nominated for the Liebster Award which is like a blogger tag that is  going around the blogging society. I was so surprised when I got nominated so thankyou Lu for it! I've never done a tag or anything personal, I usually do beauty posts apart from my monthly favs so this is a good way for use to get to know me better.
So the rules for this tag are: 
-Answer the questions your tagged in
-Nominate bloggers who have less than 300 followers on twitter
-Think of 12 questions for them to answer
-Tweet them to let them know they've been tagged!

Okay so I best just get started and answer the first question..

1)What is your favourite thing about blogging?
My favourite thing is probably the fact you get to express yourself by posting blogs on things you love and it's completely your choice on what you post because your completely in control of it. It's like a personal way to show what you love but you get to share it and tell everyone else about your favourite things. Basically, I love sharing and finding new things.

2)Do you remember your first ever blog post? If so, what was it?
I do, it's actually still uploaded on here I think! It was a basic introduction of me, like who I was and what this blog was going to be about! A bit of a rubbish first post really.

3)What is your signature perfume?
It has to be Marc Jacobs Daisy Eu De Fresh. I constantly have this on even in the winter despite it being a floral/summery scent.

4)Who is your all time favourite Youtuber?
This is actually a hard question for me because I love so many youtubers but my all time favourite has to be Tanya Burr. She was the first youtuber I started watching but I do have a post here on my fav female and male youtubers.

5)Do you have a special party trick or surprising talents?
As boring as it is..I don't think I do, I can't think of anything at all..

6)Who is your unlikely celebrity crush?
Definitely the hardest question because I have so many celeb crushes but by this, I'm guessing it's one who not many fancy or you wouldn't expect me to like which has got to be Luke Friend.. He is seriously one of my favourites!!

7)Your holy grail makeup item?
Oh gosh, I feel like my eyebrows are something I need to be done before I leave the house but I don't have a holy grail project cause I switch it up often so my holy grail product has to be MAC Harmony to contour!

8)First CD you ever bought?
Okay so both of these are cringey and I'm including two because I don't know which was first but it was either Shane Ward That's My Goal or Gareth Gates Spirit In The Sky... I know, classic tunes...

9)Your favourite indulgent food?
Truthfully, has to be chocolate.. I don't think I could live without it, I'm sort of emotionally attached.. Or Ben&Jerry's Phish Food...

10)Your favourite cheesy, feel good movie?
Ooo now I love a good cheesy film, either Mamma Mia if we're going for a musical or Easy A for more of a comedy feel good!

11)Your all time favourite makeup brand?
Has to be Urban Decay.. I could live solidly off their makeup. Everyone see's them just for eyeshaows but their foundation, lipglosses, lipsticks, primers ect are all amaing quality and pigment!

12)Three things on your bucket list?
So, number 1: Visit New York and go to the top of the rockerfella
Number 2: Do a sky dive 
Number 3: Go on a road trip of America!

And that's  all the questions! Now for who I nominate: 

And my questions for you guys are:
1)Your Favourite country/city/town?
2)If you could go back in time, which year would you go to?
3)Ultimate favourite movie of all time?
4)Your favourite type of food?
5)Who is your favourite singer?
6)If you could go back to education, starting form the beginning, or forward to working your career of choice, which would you choose?
7)What is your favourite book?
8)If you could only have one makeup item, which would you pick?
9)If you only have two minutes, which makeup items would you put on?
10)What is your favourite hairstyle/colour?
11)Do you have anything exciting planned for summer?
12)What are your top 5 countries to visit?

And that's everything! Sorry it's super long but I actually loved doing this post! If your tagged, then let me know when you've done this tag so I can check it out.
I hope you've enjoyed and like this type of post, I do!!
Thankyou for reading..
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Love Liv xxxx

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  1. So good to see your post and your answers to my questions! Xx