Sunday, 15 March 2015


Hey guys! It's been so long since I last done an empties post so I thought I'd keep a few things that I've used up and do a little post. I've used up more products than what are in this post but I forgot to keep some of them, typical!

So the first two products I used up were skincare ones, a freederm cream and a witch stick, both of which I love! These two products together are my holy grail products, they prevent me from getting spots which is a definite must! I used these every night an they lasted ages because you don't need a lot, especially the witch stick because you just put it on the problem place.

The next two products are makeup items, both my favourite everyday products! This foundation is incredible for coverage but it isn't cakey at all and the concealer is full coverage too but I love them because they're both perfect shades. I'm quite pale so I find it hard to match a foundation to my skin colour but these two are perfect! I've already repurchased both!

Another two products I've used up are the fudge urban hairspray and avene water. The hairspray is probably the third bottle I've used because I love it, the smell alone is incredible! It's not too strong so it doesn't make your hair crispy or sticky but it keeps a hold. I've already got another as back up. The avene water is what I use to dampen my brushes if I'm using pigments or a glitter, and I also use it to dampen my beauty sponge before using it. 

This next product has been a saviour to my lips for the past year, it's my trusty EOS! I love this so much, I have 3 but this is my favourite because of the scent, I love anything mint smelling so this is definitely the best one I think. It's quite a strong lip balm so it heals the lips if they're cracked but also, it's quite hydrating also. I need to buy another one asap!

Finally, I have a perfume which I think is called Viva La Juicy but it may not be.. I actually got it in a set and I don't have the boxing of it still plus it has no name on. It's one of my favourite scents for everyday because it's not too strong, it's a light floral scent(I think, I'm not good with scents) but I have so many perfumes so at the minute I won't  be repurchasing it just yet.

And that is everything! As I said, I have used more products but I binned them stupidly! If you have enjoyed this post however, I'll make it my mission to keep anything else I use up and do another post like this soon maybe!
Thankyou for reading..
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