Sunday, 29 March 2015

A Few of my Favourite... Foundations

Hey guys! I can't believe it's almost a new month already but seens though it is, it's time for a new monthly favourites! I thought this month I would do foundation because they are part of my everyday routine and there are so many out there, but not all of them are great. I thought I'd include both drugstore and high end products!

So my favourite drugstore foundation has to be the Loreal True Match. It is the perfect foundation for me because the shade is a spot on match, the formula is a full coverage and it's a matte finish which I love but it doesn't look cakey at all, in fact it looks quite natural. I wear this every day for school and it stays on perfectly and doesn't budge!

My second favourite has to be Revlon photoready, it's amazing for when you know you'll be taking photos because it has specks of glitter in but they're not visible, they just make your skin looking glowing and radiant!

My third favourite is the Maybelline fit me foundation. I prefer this one when I want a sheer coverage because it is sheer, but buildable, however the shade is slightly too dark for me but the one up is too light so I suppose this will be my perfect foundation for summer.

Onto my favourite high end foundation which is of course MAC Studio Fix. I know everyone loves this foundation but it really is amazing. It's quite similar to the maybelline foundation but I find it a much better shade range so it matches better and it also looks less cakey but if your budgeting then the maybelline is perfect. I just love the dewy finish you get with this foundation.

Finally, wehave my second favourite high end foundation which is Benefit's Hello Flawless foundation. This is my favourite foundation for summer, again it's too dark at the minute but that's because I bought it when I was tanned, it's dewy but long lasting. Even though it's full coverage, it isn't too much because it's dewy.

And they are my favourites! Of course you don't need this may foundations, just one that suits you best, but being obsessed with makeup means I like to try out a range of different ones to see which I like and what I don't like. Then I can give you the low down on the best ones around!
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