Sunday, 1 February 2015

The Craft--Review&Fav Pages

Hey Guys! So I'm not sure whether you have heard of Lou Teasdale but if your a fan of One Direction then you will know her as their hair stylist but she is also the author of 'The Craft' which is her own book about all things beauty! 
So before I start rambling on about what I think I'll just give one word to summarise this book- cool! And i know the word cool is  so uncool but it is the only word that sums this book up, I'm not talking cool like when some 13 year olds think they are cool for dressing up(no offence) but I'm talking tumblr style cool with a hint of hipster! I mean it's sold in Urban Outfitters so were talking that style cool...

I picked out a few of my favourite pages so you could see what the book is like, now hopefully you can see what I meant by cool. The images in this book are incredible and even the illustrations give it an extra edge which ties in the whole page. Usually, you get your standard beauty book which gives you all the tips and tricks how to perfect your look but they all end up looking the same. I have a few and I find each book is very similar however The Craft is nothing like the others. It gives inspiration to try new looks and even more inspiration to further these looks, they're not your standard models, they have the grunge and realness factor which I love. If you know of Lou you'll see how this book completely ties in her whole look and presents it in book form. Also, your not just getting a makeup book, it has hair, nails, tan, makeup and tips on how to get into the makeup industry! As you can see, there's not a lot of writing, it is more visual but personally I think that's how beauty books should be, it's a lot easier to show people how to do something by images instead of writing!

And to top it all off, you get a page of stickers at the back all inspired by the book, such a cute idea to end the book with. 
I know not everyone will know Lou and not everyone is into this grungy style but I love it and I think for anyone else who does this is the perfect book. Lou has done an amazing job so congrats to her!
If you have this book then let me know what you think too, all my links are below!!
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