Sunday, 22 February 2015

New Hair..

Hey Guys! So I decided to be a bit of a daredevil this week(well in my opinion it was daring..) and get my hair chopped short! I've been short before but it was a bit of a disaster and I hated it however back then I was younger, I had blonde hair and I wasn't the best at explaining what I wanted. So this time I went in with several images and an accurate explanation because I wasn't going through all that trouble of hating it and having to grow it out again! 

My hair originally was this length and didn't really have any layers. My so called curtain style fringe had grew out completely and overall my hair was just a bit lifeless. The ends were completely dead from dying it and using heat products and it just didn't really have any volume. 

5 and 1/2 inches later and it was like this! A medium length, choppy bob. Before it was even dried you could see how better the condition of my hair was and it felt so much thicker. Even though it was a lot of hair taken off it isn't too short, I basically asked for a Kylie Jenner length(I'll put some of the images I showed her below for inspiration.) Personally, I think it looks so much better and has a lot more volume and life to it. I'm definitely happy with it and it's so much easier to style and dry now, it takes a fraction of the time!

Hopefully, if your like me and just needed that boost to get your hair cut, then maybe this post will give you that little boost. It might be scary the initial thought but honestly I'm sure you'll love it afterwards. The girl who done mine was mobile but I'd say my top tip for picking a hairdresser is choose one you can trust or one who's done this style cut before. My other top tip is be clear with what you want, they can't read your mind so you have to be explain exactly what you want or show them some images! These are the images I used to show her what I wanted, any image that is really clear will be useful!

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  1. You hair looks lovely... you really suit it that length!! xxx

    KirstyLeigh // Bloglovin

    1. Aw thankyou! I was so nervous to get it done hahah! Xxx

  2. I've been debating whether to get the chop or not lately too. I had mine cut a while ago but I can never make a decision! X

    Silk & Sparkles outfit post is up on my blog-

    1. Honestly, my best advice is to just go for it! I doubt you'll regret it because I was the exact same! X