Sunday, 8 February 2015

Metallic/Glitter Lips...

Hey Guys! This post is a little unusual and probably won't be everyones cup of tea but I decided to just upload it anyway! Back in December when I went to Clothes Show I saw so many people wearing these sort of metallic/glitter lips. When I went over to the stand to look at the price of them they were around £15 for one lip colour.. I mean MAC lipsticks are that price and you can wear them all the time whereas the glitter lips aren't so wearable. However, I was reading Lou Teasdales book(I did a review of it last week, check it out here) and she was showing how you could do a matte lip using powders which gave me the inspiration to try glitter eyeshadows over coloured lipsticks and I think the overall effect was pretty good! They're more wearable than a full on glitter lip and you don't have to go out and buy anything new because you can just use eyeshadows you already have. I used my makeup revolution palette because they're all really shimmery, I'll link the post of swatches from them here, and the colours were quite natural and matched the lipsticks I'd chose. To do this all you have to do is apply the lipstick like normal and then use an eyeshadow brush to pat the colour over the lips, you can make it as intense as you like!
Baby Pink lips( MAC Creme Cup) with silver&rose coloured eyeshadows.
Brown Neutral lips(MAC Velvet Teddy) with gold&brown coloured eyeshadows. 
Barbie Pink lips(Seventeen Beehive) with rose&gold coloured eyeshadows.

Bright Red lips(Rimmel Alarm) with gold&silver coloured eyeshadows.
Dark Red lips(MAC Hang Up) with silver&brown coloured eyeshadows.

So they are the colours I decided to do but this would work with any lip colour and then you just choose an eyeshadow either similar to the colour or one that complements it by adding different tones to the colour. My favourite is the one using MAC's Velvet Teddy because that is one of my favourite lipsticks anyway and I think it is the one that is most wearable because it doesn't look too shimmery. I love how these have came out so if you try don't forget to tag me in them, all my links are below!
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