Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Makeup Revolution Haul

Hey guys! This week I thought I'd do a haul for you guys because last week I ordered some products from Makeup Revolution. If you haven't heard of Makeup Revolution they're a brand sold in superdrug and also online who do really good quality makeup but for cheap so you don't have to break the bank. They do absolutely everything you'll need from primers and foundation to eyeshadow palettes and mascara. The great thing about them too is that most of their products are dupes of high end products but they still live up to the same quality. I've had an eyeshadow and blush palette from them which I love(I have swatches for it here) but I wanted to try out some other stuff. So I bought another palette but this one is huge, 5 of their new lip lacquers and two pigments.

So this is the 144 eyeshadow palette which ranges from some really pretty natural colours to eye popping bright colours. The colours are so pigmented and I wouldn't say they're very powdery, they are more of a satin finish. When I bought this is was half price so I only paid £10 for the palette instead of £20.. Amazing I know! I was going to swatch these but there is just far too many colours so I will swatch a few and post a picture on my twitter so if you want to see my links are below!

Next I purchased the full collection of these Lip Lacquers called Lip Lavas. I ended up getting all 5 shades because they worked out around £12 for them all! I wanted to try these because I've heard people say they are really similar to the too faced melted lip lacquers which I wanted to try but these are so much cheaper. I've decided to do a whole blog post with lip swatches and a review for these saves this post being really long so that will be up Sunday hopefully!

Finally, I purchased these two pigments in the shades Agonise which is a shimmery copper colour and Etiquette which is a pearly pink colour and probably my favourite of the two. These are supposed to be similar to MAC pigments which they are although they are more powdery instead of shimmery but for £1 you can't go wrong!

And that is everything! I honestly, really recommend this brand for anyone who loves trying different makeup or if your wanting to buy something from the high end but aren't too sure then I'd say check these out first and see if they do anything similar. This isn't a sponsored post at all but just my opinion because people would probably see the price and avoid this brand but it is great! 
Any product listed can be found from either their website here or in superdrugs store or online.
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