Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Luxurious bath courtesy of Laura Mercier.

Hey Guys! So I thought I'd do another review because they seem to go down quite well and this isn't actually a makeup review, it's a bath product! Many of you have probably heard of Laura Mercier Body&Bath products, I heard of them through Tanya Burr because she used to always talk about this so for my birthday I decided to get it. I got the Creme Brulee Honey Bath which is quite expensive but it's so worth it, it smells delicious!!

Basically, this is a product you put into the bath but it's so unique because it comes in a glass container with a honey stick, like what Winnie the Pooh has... You then put the stick into the bubble bath and then into the bath and it creates loads of bubbles and makes the bath and the whole room smell amazing! However, you don't need a lot of this so it does last long. In the bath your skin feels amazing and then when you get out it feels like you've moisturised your skin because of how rich it is!

And voilaa, then you can light some candles and jump in(not literally, unless your bath is like a pool) Just so you can see, I only put one swirl of the honey stick in and it created so many bubbles which I love because then you can just bury yourself in them haha!
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