Wednesday, 25 February 2015

A few of My Favourite... Movies!

 Hey Guys! Considering it was the Oscars on Sunday I thought this months monthly favourites should be my fav films! Now these kind of range from chick flicks to action films to musicals, a bit of everything, I don't have a certain genre that I prefer so these are a little all over the place but hey ho!
Also, these are in no particular order, they are all just films that I love! Plus, I've included a little snippet of each which is my favourite part of the film and my own rating out of 5 stars!

So first up we have Easy A which is probably the comedy film of the group. It's based around a girl named Olive(Emma Stone) who goes from being the nobody at school to the most talked about but not for the right reason. Emma was definitely the best person chosen to play Olive, she gives it her own little style and I love her in it!
Rating- 4/5

Onto another chic flick, this is definitely my most watched film. I constantly watch this when I can't decided what to watch or I'm in a bit of a rubbish mood; it's like a pick-me-up. I've watched it so many times I feel as though it is real- not a film. But I love how cute and romantic it is whilst also being realistic! 
Rate- 5/5

Next up we have The Twilight Saga, I know that this is technically five films but I had to just include them all! If I had to pick a favourite it would be Breaking Dawn part 1 and 2! I absolutely love these films, they are a mix of typical chic flick mixed in with a little darkness and action but they are amazing! I absolutely love Billy in it, he has such a dry sense of humour which makes me laugh. So, if you have saw these films are you Team Edward or Jacob... I'm Jacob!
Rate- 4.5/5

Another film I am a huge fan of is Gatsby, I like the book, but I love how the film really brings it to life. The scenery, the costumes, the makeup and the hair all just add to the amount I love it, not forgetting that Leonardo Dicaprio is in it!! Also, I love the soundtrack to this film.. I'm definitely a fan of the whole 1920's American era! 
Rate- 4.5/5

This next film is relatively new but from the first time seeing it I loved it, I prefer it to The Hunger Games and that used to be one of my favourites! It's quite an action filled film and a little confusing towards the beginning but by the end it all makes sense. The basic story line is that all these boys have been sent into a place surrounded by a maze and no matter what they do, they can't find their way out. That is until Thomas comes along..Personally, I can't wait for the next one to come out!
Rate- 4/5

This is the oldest film out of the group but is definitely in my top 3 favourites! Of course this is one of the best chic flicks ever and is definitely one of my favs. I even had to include two different snippets for my fav because you just can't leave out Swayze's most famous line.. This film has been one of my favourite films since I was around 9 and since then I must have watched it at least 100 times never mind listened to the soundtrack!
Rate- 5/5

From one amazing soundtrack to another, who doesn't love Mamma Mia?! This is probably counted as one of the most corniest films but it is definitely one of my favourites, in fact I'm actually going to see it live next week!! Without a doubt Julie Walters who plays Rosie is my favourite character. Out of all the characters, I get told I'm most like her which I'll take as a compliment!!
Rate- 4.5/5

Now to my saddest film out of them all.. The Fault in Our Stars. This was undoubtedly one of my favourite books and when it became I film I was running to the cinema to see it. Even though it is so upsetting, this is still one of my favourite films! It made me laugh, cry and 'aww' as it told the story of Hazel and Gus.. If you haven't seen this but you love a good film to make you weep then this is my recommend to you!
Rate- 4/5

And finally we have probably the most known movie series, Harry Potter. And yes I'm cheating again because this is more than one but you can't simply watch one Harry Potter, you must watch them all! Not many people know this but harry Potter is definitely one of my obsessions, it's like my guilty pleasure! I've actually been to the Warner Brother Studios before and I'm planning on going again in April so if I do, and use would like it, I will do a blog post about it because it is truly magical there! And the reason I chose that scene, out of the thousands it could be, was because I love Ron and Hermoine relationship!
Rate- 5/5

So they are my favourite films! As you can see, I haven't included any Disney films because that is a whole different story which I thought I would leave for another post otherwise you'll be here all day as I ramble on!
Thankyou for reading..
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  1. I can't believe I still haven't watched Easy A! It sounds really funny though so will have to get onto that!!

    Emma xx

    1. You definitely have to, it's such a good film! Watch it when your feeling down and it will cheer you up! Hahaha xx