Sunday, 4 January 2015

Saying Goodbye to 2014 and Hello to 2015...

Hey guys! And Happy New Year, I know it's already a few days into 2015 but I've been a busy bee! I want to start off by saying I hope your 2014 was amazing but hopefully your 2015 will be just as good, if not better. When I was thinking of what to say or do for this post I was going to just throw a few photos from 2014 onto here and then say my new years resolutions but to be completely honest, I thought that would just be boring! Also, I don't actually believe in resolutions because I never stick to them, I think setting yourself goals and ambitions is a lot more positive! So instead of all the predictable stuff, I thought I'd do a timeline of my 2014 and a few of my main goals for 2015 because it's quite a big year for me.


January 6th: I went to see Union J with one of my friends in the Echo Arena and had such a fun night(you might notice through this timeline that I went to quite a few concerts this year)
January 31st: My youngest little cousin turned 1!

February 14th: A year since I was in Disneyland Paris with all my friends as a maths school trip.. Although I wouldn't say it involved much school stuff..

March 9th: I went to see Ellie Goulding with my mum and little sister
March 15th: Went to see The Wanted with my friend Megan, even though neither of us really like them, but The Vamps were supporting them and we still had so much fun!
March 19th: Got bare faced on facebook for breast cancer awareness

April 9th: We went for a meal for my friend, Sam, birthday
April 26th: My first real day of work..Although I don't work there anymore

May 3rd/4th: We all stayed in Megan's for her birthday
May 10th: Done our first DofE expedition... Basically spent a weekend walking through mountains with sheep and then sleeping in a tent in a field..
May 11th: Moved into our new house!
May 13th: Went to see Mcbusted with my mums friend and laughed so much at the two of us trying to act cool when they came down quite near to us!
May 21st: Went to see Katy Perry with 3 of my friends and all we done was sing and dance the whole night! Such an amazing night, especially standing.
May 31st: Spent the day queuing to see One Direction and 5SOS, probably one of my favourite days of the whole year!

June: Spent time studying for exams pretty much the whole of June.. Exciting, I know!

July 12th: Dressed as the Queen of Hearts for one of my friends Disney themed 18th which was incredible!
July 19th: Done our second DofE expedition.. Another 'fun' weekend..
July 22nd: Finished year 10 and said goodbye to our form teacher who left.. Fair to say I got pretty emotional
July 25th-27th: Followed two huge giants around Liverpool..

August 7th: Visited London for the day with my family and friend for a tourist day including some shopping also
August 21st: Received my GCSE results for maths and english.. And was so proud of all my friends!
August 22nd: Endured the pain of attempting to ice skate with two of my friends.. Still can't ice skate
August 23rd: Faced the ALS ice bucket challenge.. Thanks Megan..
August 24th: Spent the day with my family at the LIMFestival

Spetember 3rd: Returned to school to begin my final year there!
September 28th: Went to my little cousins christening

October 4th: Went to see The Vamps with my friend and had a great night
October 20th: Went up the Radio City Tower

November 10th: My little sister went on her first week away with school
November 18th: My little sister turned 8!
November 21st: Began my birthday celebrations with a night in with my best friends
November 22nd: Spent my birthday eve with my dads family and went for a lovely meal
November 23rd: I turned 16!
November 24th-29th: Done a weeks work experience as a chef and really enjoyed it!

December 1st: Spent the day at Gulliver's World for my sisters birthday
December 6th-8th: Travelled down to Leicester to be reunited with one of my friends and went to Clothes Show Live
December 23rd: Went for tea with my nan as a late birthday day
Decmber 24th: Celebrated Christmas with my dads family
December 25th: Christmas day!
December 28th: Was reunited with my friend from primary school for the day
December 31st: Spent the night with family at a meal and let in the New Year all together!

And that was my year! I think I may have missed out some parts but I can't remember, this year was such a blur but a memory filled one, I had the best year I could ask for. Of course, some things weren't great but I wouldn't change anything because the bad things led to the good things. But now it's  time to move on from 2014 and look at the year ahead

So... Hello 2015...
This year my ultimate goal is to 'Do more of what makes you happy' I always hear Alfie Deyes(PointlessBlog) say this and it's actually such a good moto to live by. If something makes you happy then you should do more of it, who cares what others may think!

Ultimately, for 2015 I just want to be myself but the best version of myself that I can be. I want to be happy, enjoy the year and take in every moment. I want to live in the now.

Thankyou for reading..
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Love Liv xxxx

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