Wednesday, 21 January 2015

More Brushes... It's a blogger thing

Hey guys! Before I start I just want to say how happy I am for actually getting two posts up every week so far, I know it's only been 3 weeks but that's good for me! Hahha!!
Anyway, this week I thought I'd do another semi review semi haul(sort of) This year for Christmas my auntie from America sent over a gift and because she knows I'm a total makeup lover she bought me a MAC Duo Fibre brush set. I only have one brush from MAC, my trusty 217, so I was really excited to try these because I know a lot of people love MAC brushes. 
 So the brushes come in the cute black pencil case style purse with silver glitter all over it and an old fashioned brooch as a zip, it's actually really pretty.
Then inside you receive 4 duo fibre brushes, a 187SE, a 130SE, a 287SE and a 286SE. Each brush is a shortened version handle wise but the actual brush bristles are full length and also extremely soft! I've already used these and then washed them and they wash fine, the bristles don't fall out or loose shape and they also dry quickly. I use MAC brush cleanser to wash them.
In the set you get the face brush which is the largest and best for foundation or powder, a smaller more dense version of this brush which is great for contour and highlight or to blend small areas, a flat eyeshadow brush which is actually quite large and a tapered blending brush which is ideal for the crease.

 This is the 187SE which is the face brush and the one I've used most. As it is duo fibre it allows you to have a more sheer and even coverage of foundation and blends it so it looks airbrushed in a way because it is so natural but it also allows you to then build up on the coverage until it looks seamless.

 This is the 130SE which is a smaller version of the 187SE but is a lot more dense which means it is perfect for blending. I love using this one to blend cream contour in as it doesn't allow the product to blend all over the face as it small but I also like it to blend in concealer as it fits perfectly under the eye and it so soft.

 This is the 286SE which is the tapered brush. I think this is the perfect crease brush as it fits perfectly in and blends the eyeshadows perfectly in the right place, it is very similar to Real  Techniques smallest duo fibre brush(I'm not sure of the name off the top of my head) but I love both of them for the same thing.

Then finally we have the 287SE which is a flat eyeshadow brush. This one is perfect for packing on the colour although it is quite large, it takes up the majority of my eyelid so it may be too big for some peoples eyes but I find it also to work  well as a concealer brush because it fits right into the inner corner due to it's shape and size.

I think this is a really cute set from MAC and also incredible value because some of these brushes alone cost around £30 and I'm pretty sure the set was around £45 so you definitely get your moneys worth. I would actually highly recommend MAC brushes after using these because of how good they apply makeup, especially the 187SE which is my favourite out of the set!
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  1. These brushes look gorgeous such a great set. I never browse and MAC brushes always think they would be too much money! But from this post I think I would be happy to buy these xx

    han // emandhan xo

    1. Yeah I've always thought the same about MAC brushes but when they do sets they're a lot cheaper and such great value! Xx