Wednesday, 14 January 2015

It's a MAC Thing.

Hey guys! Another review style post this week, I hope you don't mind I've just got quite a few new products recently. This time it's Mac's turn! I recently got their pro concealer palette because I find with concealer you always need more than one shade for different parts of your face. A light highlighting shade, a skin tone, a counteracting peach colour ect ect.. So I decided this was ideal as it has 6 different tones in it.
This is the palette, of course I got it in the lightest shade because caspar the ghost over here definitely needs pale everything! So in this you get a light shade, two neutral skin shades, a slightly darker shade, a yellow tone and a peach toned shade. Basically, all the essential colours you'll need! I love Mac's concealers because they are really creamy, long wearing and full coverage which is exactly what I want with concealers. They aren't too creamy that they will crease under the eye either.

The top two shades we have the lightest shade from the palette and the lighter skin tone colour. 
The lightest shade(left finger for you) is a pale beige with yellow undertones,  I like this colour as an under eye highlight to give a Kardashian contour effect
The lighter skin shade(right finger for you) is a natural beige colour with both warm and cool undertones to give it a natural colour.
Then we have the darker skin tone shade and the slightly darker/orange toned shade.
The darker skin tone colour(left finger) is a lot closer to my skin tone on my body but my face is lighter so I think this one is a little darker than my face but works well when I have a darker foundation on.
The orange shade(right finger) would work a lot better on somebody who fake tans a lot because when I have fake tan on I think it will be my perfect shade.
Finally, we have the peach tone and the yellow tone concealer. 
The peach shade(left finger) is a natural colour that I use to cover blemishes/spots because it covers it well and balances the skin tone around it.
The yellow shade(right finger) is the only colour I'd say is cool toned. It would also work well as a highlighter but mainly on dark circles as it counteracts the darkness and lightens it.

Overall I'd say I love this palette, it is so ideal for me as the colours all fit my skin tone perfectly. Each concealer in this is so high coverage which I love and just perfect especially considering the palette was only £35. I know that seems expensive but 6 drugstore concealers would probably cost that and these are high end products! I'd also recommend this for anyone going into being a makeup artist as you then have several shades to find the perfect match for your client.
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