Sunday, 25 January 2015

How To Keep Your Desk Area Tidy&Neat

Hey Guys! This weeks post is quite different to my usual style but I really wanted to switch things up a bit and I thought this might be quite useful to some of use. I know I personally can end up leaving things quite messy, especially on top of my makeup table which I use as a desk for some things that either don't fit in my draw or don't belong in there. So, I thought I'd do a post with a few different ideas on 'how to keep your desk area tidy&neat.'

The first thing I do is actually keep some stuff off the desk and instead on a floating shelf because otherwise the desk would be too cluttered. This shelf has three pegs underneath so I found some mason jars with rope hangers on so they hang off it which gives even more space and I think it also looks really cute! I bought mine from a shop called B&M in the uk which is a really affordable shop, I think they cost around £4 each.
The on top of the shelf I actually keep all my perfumes and some of my candles. The shelf  itself is actually from B&M too and was around £10 maybe..
It makes it look really cute and is a really nice way of dressing up a normal floating shelf!

Then another way I prevent my desk from being scattered with bits and bobs is this cute jewellery stand that you can hang necklaces from therefore they don't end up knotted if they're in a box and you can also see them this way which makes me use them more because I don't have to go hunting for what I want.
I also keep all my rings and earrings in this glass dish which was actually a cake ramekin that fits them in perfectly plus you can see them easier. 

On my actual shelf itself I like to keep everything ordered neatly so I keep my brushes in this candle holder which is from Hobby Craft for £3, it's quite large so it holds all of them in and I keep my eye ones at the back because I don't use them everyday and my face ones at the front so they are easier to reach.

Then for lip products ei lipglosses, liners and pens aswell as eyeliners, I keep in this cute little box which was a gift box because then I can see them easier and they're in reach of a morning instead of me hunting all around my draw for them.

Finally, on my desk I keep my lipsticks and favourite lipglosses in this acrylic lipstick holder which has 24 spaces but it is quite small so it doesn't take up much room. I believe it was from eBay for around £5 so it's really affordable.

And lastly, this isn't so much to keep my desk tidy but I purchased these yesterday. The slate chalkboard I'm going to hang this up on my room to put little reminders on so I don't forget things to keep myself more organised and also the mirror is to go on my wall to just add a little more detail to my room.

That is everything, my ways to keep your desk area tidy&neat. If you use your desk as an actual desk then you could switch up the makeup brushes for pens or highlighters which I'm going to do, not switch up but buy another container, for my exams! But these little ideas just help keep everything looking it's best and keep your room tidy, they're also really affordable things so they don't cost too  much. Hopefully they've gave you some inspiration and been helpful!
Thankyou for reading..
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