Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Best of Benefit

Hey guys! One of my Christmas presents I received this year was a Benefit gift set with all their best selling products in and being a huge fan of benefit, this excited my greatly. I thought, seen as though you are all probably benefit fans too,  I'd do a sort of review on the products as some of them I have tried before but some I haven't and I'm so excited to try them!

The gift set comes in this cute packaging which is more like a box as it's harder than cardboard which is good because you can keep it afterwards and re use it. Inside you get 7 of their best selling products including: Primer; cheek tint; highlighter; concealer; bronzer; gel liner and mascara. Each product is in miniature size but this is good if your wanting to try them out before buying the full product.

This is the concealer 'boi-ing' you receive which has two different shades, the lightest and medium. I have used the concealer before and it is amazing for covering spots and blemishes as it is full coverage but I don't really like it under the eyes as it can look quite cakey and I find that it seeps into any small creases. However, I'd say if your looking for a heavy duty concealer this works well.

Next we have the cheek tint 'bene tint' and highlighter 'high beam'. I used to be obsessed with this cheek tint, I had 3 miniatures of it and one full sized because I just loved it so much and then I forgot all about it but now I think I'm going to re kindle my love for this. It also works great as a lip stain!
Then for the highlighter, I also used to use this but I'm not really a highlighter person because I find it looks quite strange on me but I do want to start trying to use it so I'll give this another go. Being a cream product it should work better anyway because it makes it look more natural.

Now for something I haven't tried 'the pore fessional' which is a primer. I have heard so many people rave about this primer but I haven't tried it and I don't know why because I know so many people who love it. I should love this because I prefer primers that are more of a balm rather than a silicone consistency.

This bronzer is probably the most talked about bronzer out there, 'Hoola'. I have used this quite a few times  in other benefit sets I have but they're usually in the actual packaging so you can't take them out which means I don't tend to use it as otherwise it means carrying the whole set with you just for one thing but this container means its a lot easier so I will definitely be using this more often. I love the colour from this bronzer because it's more of a warm colour with no shimmer which means it is perfect for contouring!

Finally, we have the almighty duo, the 'They're Real' mascara and push up gel liner. I have tried this mascara before and I didn't love it, I prefer the Bad Gal but I know quite a few people who haven't liked it at first and when they re tried it they loved it so hopefully I will feel the same because I know a lot of people do love this mascara.
But the thing I was most excited for was the gel liner. This is benefit's newest product and it is a gel liner but in a push up pen form which makes it so much easier to use, well hopefully. I usually use a liquid liner because I find it easier to use that type of applier but I do love gel liner for the staying power and the finishing look as liquid liner often looks wet. So, I'm so excited to try this and see if it lives up to the hype!

And that is everything in the set! However, on the back of the box there are tips on how to use each product which is such a good idea for people who may have never used it or beginners using makeup. I think this set is so cute and a lovely gift, even the packaging is so cute with the baby pink and gold shades. I believe it was from boots so if you want to check it out then I'd say sooner than later because it may be part of their christmas collection.. Anyway, I hope you've found this useful. Don't forget to let me know, all link are below!
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