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A little bit more Urban Decay..

Hey guys! So you may have heard about the Urban Decay 'On the run palette' which has 5 eyeshadows, an eyeliner, mascara, lipgloss, blush, bronzer and highlight in it. Brilliant for travelling! Well, for Christmas I asked for it off my mum because I am such a huge lover of Urban Decay products. I absolutely love their eyeshadows, I have each of the Naked palettes, and I've been wanting to try out their flushed palette so when I saw the palette I thought it looked so pretty. And it lived up to my expectations, I love it!
The packaging is really cool! It's sort of a rose gold tin with a marbled/illusion vision front(the camera wasn't picking it up very well) which looks really pretty and unique. The case is around an average hand size and not too deep so it would be good to take away with you.
Inside you get the 'perversion' mascara which I haven't used yet because I currently already have three mascara's open and I don't want it to dry out but I've heard a lot of people say they love it. Then you have one of the 24/7 glide on eye liners in the shade 'stag' which is quite a dark brown. I love this liner, and all the 24/7 glide on ones as they don't smudge through the day and remain on all day.
Then we have the lipgloss, eyeshadows and cheek trio which I have swatched so you are able to see.

The lipgloss shade is 'Sesso' and is one of the Naked lipglosses that are actually quite new. This shade is a warm rosey pink with more of a darker berry tone underneath rather than your usual pink. I really like this because I think it works with any skin tone and also the glosses aren't too sticky but they don't come off within seconds either.

Right-Left: Dive, Fix, Resist
Right-Left: Dare, Stun
Dive: A sparkly rose heud shade with a frosted finish. It looks more foiled if applied with a damp brush or patted on using finger whereas with a normal brush it just applies a soft shimmered shade.
Fix: A matte camel brown shade that looks quite warm toned. Works really well as a crease or transition colour as it is quite natural.
Resist: A metallic taupe golden shade with warm undertones. This too, I think, applied better with a damp brush or fingers as with a brush it can look sheer and less pigmented.
Dare: A similar shade to Fix but slightly cooler undertones and is a darker camel colour. This one too works well in the crease as it is matte.
Stun: A copper golden toned chocolate brown. Definitely my favourite out of the five and again applies the same as the other two shimmery shades.

Right-Left: Bronzer, Blush, 5050 highlighter
Bronzer: A warm, slightly oranged toned bronzer which was matte although I wouldn't use it for contouring as it is too warm for me. It isn't too dark though, it is probably a light-medium shade as I'm quite pale and I think it works well on my complexion.
Blush: A very bright a light pink with a slight shimmer to give it more of a satin finish.
5050 Highlighter: A light peachy highlighter with warm undertones and a lot of shimmer to give it a slight pearl effect. This is the only thing that disappointed me because it is really powdery and sheer when applied with a brush so you can hardly see it.

And that is the palette! I would 100% recommend this to any one who's constantly travelling as it is everything all in one pack however I would say the highlighter isn't as good as I was hoping it would be but apart from that I love everything else. All the eyeshadows are really pigmented and work well together for either an everyday eye or a smokey eye for the evening. I really like the palette so another well done to Urban Decay for always bringing out such beautiful palettes!
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