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A Few Of My Favourite... MAC Eyeshadows

Hey Guys! So it's that time of the month again, monthly favourites! This month I've chosen five of my favourite MAC eyeshadows because over the Christmas and New Year period I rediscovered my MAC palette and re kindled my love for it. I don't know how I could forget about it because MAC eyeshadows are some of my favourites, especially having the choice to create your own palette because then it is tailor made just for you and I love that idea! I was just thinking of showing you each eyeshadow I have but that wouldn't mean it was a favourites really so I narrowed it down to 5.
My palette isn't completely full yet but when it is, if you want, I will do swatches of each eyeshadow in it. But for now let's get onto my top 5, which aren't necessarily in a particular order. I thought I'd just give a quick overview of MAC eyeshadows first instead of saying this for everyshadow. Each of MAC's eyeshadows are extremely pigmented but blend really easily, they're also very buttery and creamy when applied so you don't get too much fall down. The extremely shimmery shades also give a foiled effect if applied with a damp brush which looks amazing!

 First up we have Satin Taupe which is a frost shadow with shimmer through it. It is a sort of greyish brown toned colour with cool undertones in the pan but applied to give a more warm shade when blended. This colour works on any skin tone because of the two different tones through it.

Next up we have Naked Lunch which is another frost eyeshadow. This colour is a light champagne pink colour that works really well with Satin Taupe. With just one quick sweep across the lid it adds a slight sheen but if you layer it slightly it gives a gorgeous sheen to the lids.

This shade is Mythology which is fairly new to my collection. I'd seen a few people talk about this colour working well with blue eyes so I wanted to try it out because the majority of my eyeshadows are really natural colours whereas this is a bright copper red so it's quite different for me but I love it. It's very shimmery so the red colour doesn't appear  too harsh and it blends into a lighter more golden copper shade.

Woodwinked was one of the first shades I got and is probably my favourite. It's a warm golden brown colour with shimmer through but this blends into a burnt orange colour so can be worn alone and it looks incredible. It works so well with blue eyes as it really brings them out so I just love this eyeshadow. It's definitely my go to colour if I'm not sure what look I want to do because it just works well with any makeup look either alone of with a deep brown through the crease for a more smokey eye look- MAC's brun works well to do this look!

Finally, we have Nylon which is a bright yellow gold. You will have probably heared so many people rave about this shade because it's so bright and shimmery it looks amazing as a brow highlight or inner corner highlight as it really accentuates the eye's brightness. As it is yellow toned it is quite different to any other highlights which are usually white or pink toned.

And that is them all, I absolutely love my MAC palette and their eyeshadows so I can't wait until it is full! It probably would be full by now but I'm so indecisive I can't decide what shades I want so if you have any favourites then let me know!!
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