Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Clothes Show Live

Hey Guys, sorry it's been a while but school is just taking over my life at the minute! However, this weekend I went down to Clothes Show Live in Birmingham and it was so good, I had the best time! So I thought I would do a blog post of some of my favourite looks from the catwalk because I took a heck load of photos(probably too many) although I actually forgot my camera so these photos are all off my phone. 

Before I get onto the fashion though.. can we just discuss how good Stereo Kicks sound live, they were actually so good when opening the show. Plus, how can you not love a good boy band?!

The first part of the show(the outfits are all in sections depending on the theme) was mainly about having fun and experimenting with bold colours and patterns, well that's how I would describe it, these two looks were definitely my fav!

The second theme was all about the working men and women of the world who still want to look smart but also fashionable. Instead of wearing the basic suit these looks are for those who want to stand out.

These next outfits are all based from a winter wonderland theme, they remind me of Narnia from The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe but they all look so majestic and gorgeous, especially the white witch!

As you can probably tell, these outfits were all inspired by the theme park and they weren't so much my taste as they were very bold and stand out which explains the lack of photos, sorry.

Even though it is winter, these models braved it up and modelled the swimwear which looked so pretty, I also threw in some topless males for you lot... 

So these outfits sort of reminded me of a mixture of America in the 20's with the flapper style dresses but also of the disco period which I loved, I think the outfits looked so chic and the dancing models absolutely got their disco on!

Fianlly, the last theme was sort of like a dark powering man but with powerful females taken over too, the only way I can describe it is like an evil twisted but fashionable theme but it was my fav! You might be able to tell by the amount of photos, I loved these outfits because of the darkness, I think it looked incredible!

And that was the show, I loved the day and it was such a good experience, I think if your interested in fashion then you will absolutely love going here. For my first fashion show I was so impressed, it exceeded my expectations!!
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