Sunday, 16 November 2014

The Body Shop Love

Hey guys! So if you watch any youtubers or read other blogs you'll have more than likely heared about the body shop's new makeup collection. They've brought out quite a few new products and after hearing Gabby aka Velvetgh0st rave about the instablur primer and BB cream I decided to try them out myself. 

I got the two products in a set so it worked out cheaper even though they are both full size products too. The BB cream comes out white and blends into the colour of your skin but you still have to pick a shade so I went for the palest as I'm pretty pale! I've only used it twice but I love it. It doesn't feel heavy on the skin what so ever and it's easily buildable to make the skin look flawless however I think it already has a good coverage. It also makes the skin feel really soft and nice. 

The primer, instablur, is also such a good product. It feels like a silicon based primer so if you prefer creamy primers then I wouldn't recommend this one but if you like both then this is perfect and I'd definitely say to try it out. I've used it about 5 times and each time my makeup has stayed on all day without budging at all! It maked the foundation go on so much easier and it even makes the foundation appear flawless. It is a perfect primer and definitely does the job. I love how it instantly dries matte so no need to worry about leaving it to soak in.

As the packaging says, this does give a flawless finish and I absolutely love both products!!
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