Sunday, 16 November 2014

Crown Jewels..

Hey guys! I've done a few hauls on this blog but not many and they are usually clothes or makeup hauls but I though I'd switch it up a bit and do a jewellery haul because I have a few new bits I've bought recently and wanted to show you what I got! I have actually bought a lot of new clothes recently too but clothing hauls take a while to photograph so that won't be up for a while until I have the time to photograph the bits.

So the first place I got some jewellery from was Primark, I love getting jewellery from there because it's so cheap but also really pretty. Plus the jewellery I like to wear is more so costume jewellery so it's perfect for me!
In there I bought this set of dainty necklaces which can either be worn alone or all together with the lengths all different so the look staggered. This was only £3 so it was really cheap and I think it looks great for just a subtle bit of sparkle because each necklace is quite plain anyway.

I also bought a pack of rings from Primark too which had 8 rings in(I think) that were a gold metal and some had blue and red gems in. They just looked really pretty and I loved the colours in them as they make them look more expensive as they were only £2.50! Some are normal size rings and some are midi rings so you get a mixture.

Then I went into Topshop and they had a sale on their jewellery so I got 3 things from there. The first was the gold long chain owl necklace which I think is so cute and unusual, I've never saw anything like it. It was supposed to be £10 but it was only £2.

I got another necklace from their too which is more of a gun mettle colour and this one is quite  unique too. Its a long  chain with the pendant part but they actually come apart so they can be moved about but I just really liked it because of how it looks when it's really long, plus this was only £2 too instead of £10.

And finally from Topshop I got a pair of earrings which remind me of the 1920's like the Great Gatsby. They are gold too and have green gems in and those colours remind me of Christmas! These were £2 too but I think they look more vintage and expensive.

And the last thing I bought is another necklace, I obviously seem to have an obsession with necklaces at the minute! This one was from a small market and it was £2.50 but this is probably the most stand out piece out of everything I bought. The stones are like a greyish black and the chain is gun metal colour too and it has draping chains at the bottom like tassels.

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