Thursday, 27 November 2014

A Few of my Favourite... Male Youtubers!

Hey guys! So if you saw my post similar to this last month you'll know that instead of doing random monthly favs, I'm instead picking a category and doing one post dedicated to my favourite ones of those. Last month I done favourite female youtubers and I thought it was only right to do my favourite male youtubers this month!! So I have 5 favourites, I do have many more but I've narrowed it down, and I'd say all these youtubers are quite mainstream so you will have probably heard of them before.

Tyler Oakley

Where do I even begin, he is basically queen of youtube! His videos never fail in making me smile or laugh. I love how he works so closely to the trevor project and supports them all year round, he is such an icon for gay people. He is somebody for them to look up to and seek advice, even for people who aren't gay he is still a role model. How can you not love his 'Q and Slays' too?!

Alfie Deyes

I remember when I first watched Alfie and he came across so quiet and timid but now he seems so confident! I cannot believe how far he has came now, his video quality has also improved so much aswell as the content! He's also done so well to bring out a book, which may I add is actually so good, but overall I'd just say you can see how well he has done from watching old videos to now!

Marcus Butler

Like Alfie, I started watching Marcus around the same time and I feel he was the same,his videos have also improved so much and his content is definitely one of my favs. His videos make me laugh so much! I also love watching his vlog channel too and seeing what he's upto!

Troye Sivan

Even if your not into youtube, I'm sure you'll have heard of Troye! He started off as a little channel which began building and when he announced he was gay I think the whole youtube community supported him for being so honest, that video honestly made me cry because of how proud I felt for him! Then he made me even prouder when he released his ep TRXYE which is incredible! So, so proud of him!

Joe Sugg

And finally we have Joe, who might just be the most attractive youtuber.. But apart from that, he is such a good youtuber too. The majority of his videos have me laughing so much, especially his dares and pranks on poor Caspar! I know if I'm having a bad day that I can just sit and watch his videos and they never fail to cheer me up. From when he started to now you can see how well he's done even though he is just how he was when he begun!

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