Sunday, 12 October 2014

My Love For Marc

Hey guys! Any girl will know that when it comes to perfume you can get really fussy on what scent you like. I know for me I really don't like strong scented ones or ones that are too sweet, I prefer to go for something more florally but other people could be completely different. However, I know so many people love the Marc Jacobs scents and I 100% do as well, although I can't pick a favourite. I love all the 'daisy' scents. So when my dad went away, he picked up a set of miniatures from duty free and they are so cute! They are tiny but they are perfect handbag sized and amazing if you can't make up your mind which you prefer(like me)

The set includes the original daisy, daisy eau so fresh, daisy delight and daisy delight eau so fresh so you get a range of scents. I'd already smelt daisy eau so fresh as I've had a roll on of it twice because it's always been my favourite but now I can't decide between them all now. 

All the scents are quite similar but the two eau so fresh ones are a bit more floral and fresher whereas daisy original is stronger and daisy delight has more sweet undertones. Another thing to love about Marc Jacob's is the packaging, the lid always has flowers decorating it. How cute?!
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  1. Aw wow these are amazing! How much did the set cost if you don't mind me asking? xoxo

    1. Hi, I believe they were around £30-£40 so about $50... I got them as a gift so I'm not 100% sure xx