Friday, 31 October 2014

Last Minute Halloween Makeup!

Hey guys! I've already done a simple versatile halloween makeup look a week ago but I decided to do two more really simple looks that you can just throw together today as all you need is some makeup and your costume's could be so simple.
The first look was inspired by Shaaanxo so I'll leave her video linked below the photos so you can watch that to see exactly  what to do. In her look she used silver but I decided to use bronze colours as I had more shades of bronze than silver. 

Before the actual face makeup, I done my eyes which were really simple. I just used two dark matte browns through the crease and under the eye. Then I used a Barry M dazzle dust in 44, which is a pure gold shimmer, with Mac fix plus so it didn't drop down everywhere and applied it to the lid blending it with the brown too.  

So,  then for the face makeup I used 17 wild metallic eyes in wild bronze, these are just cream shadow bases and I applied it using a real techniques foundation brush is a mask like shape(You'll see clearer in the photos) Now to make it even more shimmery, I used the same dazzle dust as the eyes over the majority of it before using another dazzle dust in 27 which is a light silvery/gold colour and applied it to the highlights of the face so down the nose, under the eyes and on the top of the cheekbones and also in the centre of my forehead. Finally, used a dazzle dust in 97 which is a black with gold flexs of glitter and I used this to contour around the edges at the side and slightly blended it in to look smoky, I also took it down the sides of my nose and slightly in the temples. You can top it off with any colour lips. 
This look would work for either a good or bad angel and then you could just wear a white dress with wings or a black dress with dark wings and black tights and you'd be sorted!

The next look is also really simple! For the eyes you can basically do anything as long as it's quite dark so I just blended mainly black shades over the lid quite messily as it doesn't really matter on it's  neatness. Then for the face makeup all you need is a black and silver eyeliner, liquid does work better I found. So all you do is draw 6 straight lines coming from the eye outwards and quite spread apart as it's going to be the beginning of a spiders web. Once you've done it in black you can then go over these lines in silver and thicken them out a little. Using the black liner, you then want to draw curved lines going inwards from one line to the other. Continue to do this for each line until they are all joined and then repeat the action getting further in and as you get closer to your eye the lines should get smaller and closer together. To finish the look you can go over the outside curve with silver if you want and add a dot of silver or you could use gems to the very end of each of your straight lines. Complete with any colour lip, I done silver with black liner around the edge to keep it quite dark.
For your outfit you could go out and buy a witches outfit with spiders or webs on or you can just wear all black to keep it simple.

And that is everything! I hope it's helpful for anyone who stuck for last minute options. As I said before I've already done a look that's quite versatile and more pretty than full on makeup so I'll link that here and I also done a cat look last year so I'll link that here
If your celebrating Halloween this year then I hope you have an amazing time..
Happy Halloween!!
Thankyou for reading..
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