Sunday, 26 October 2014

A Few Of My Favourite... Female Youtubers

Hey guys! So I had this idea the other day to start doing monthly favourite posts but I didn't want it to be your regular monthly favs, I wanted to put a twist on it. I thought what I'd do is a sort of series and pick a topic each month and pick favourites from that topic. I hope that actually makes sense hahah! Now, this month, seens though they take up pretty much all my time, my first topic for the series is female youtubers! Let me just say, this took a lot of narrowing down to pick my favourites and that's why it's just females for this one because I have so many! However I have narrowed it down to 7..

Firstly, I thought I'd do the more well known youtubers who you've probably all heard about.

Tanya Burr.

Tanya was the first ever youtuber I subscribed to about two years ago maybe. I love watching her makeup tutorials and I always have, she is incredibly talented! When she brought out her lip glosses and nail varnishes I felt so proud and to see her doing so well now to expand her line with lashes is amazing. I'm so happy to have watched her grow. 

Louise Pentland

Louise is someone who I admire so much, she has a child but still continues to make videos which never fail in making me smile. She's probably the one person who has gave me so much more confidence and I love how her videos are never boring to watch. 

Zoe Sugg

Now we have Zoe, aka Zoella. Even though she is probably one of the most well known youtubers, she is still so down to earth and exactly how she was when I first started watching her. It still shocks me now when I see her advert on TV and her beauty products in shops. She is an amazing role model and I love how she's so honest to her viewers.

Shannon Harris

Shannon is an Australian youtuber who puts so much effort into  her videos and uploads so frequently. Her makeup tutorials are amazing  and she has so much talent, I wish I could do makeup like her! 

Now a few youtubers who I think deserve so much more notice than they get!

Tess Christine

I absolutely love how much effort Tess puts into her get the look videos. They are always so on point and incredible. I also love her DIY videos, she is honestly so creative and pretty. The amount of effort she puts in her videos is beyond believable!

Gracie Francesca

Gracie is definitely my style crush, I wish I had her wardrobe and the confidence to wear it! Her weight loss is incredible and she looks so amazing now(not that she didn't before) but her body just looks so good now. I'm constantly looking at her twitter to see her outfits!

Emma Johnson

And finally, probably one of my favourite yotubers, Emma! Her makeup tutorials are incredible and I could happily sit and watch her videos all day. She 100% deserves more recognition for her work because her videos are fab. It baffles me why she doesn't have millions of subscibers! I absolutely love her!! 

So there my fav female youtubers! If your into beauty, fashion or lifestyle videos then I'd definitely recommend these girls because they are all so incredible. They are amazing role models and people I look up to so much! 
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