Monday, 18 August 2014


Hey guys! Last week, as I'm not going away this year, me, my friend and my family took a trip to London for the day instead. This meant I turned into such a tourist for the day as we roamed the streets of London admiring all the views of the beautiful buildings and surroundings. It wasn't my first time to London but it was the first time that I actually took notice to how beautiful it really is. 
We spent the morning exploring London followed by lunch sat by the Thames before me and my friend took to Oxford Street to do some shopping! Although, the weather may have impacted in how much shopping we actually done as it was so warm we didn't have the energy to even look but I will be doing a London haul soon still!
Anyway, in true tourist style, I whipped out the camera and took a few photos that I thought I would just share with you. They're mainly of London's historic and well known building but I thought I would share them.

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