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Hey Guys! One of my staple pieces of makeup has to be mascara. I think it can just complete a whole look or if you don't have time to do all your makeup then put on a coat or two of mascara and you instantly look more awake and ready for the day. The only bad thing is,  mascara can tend to dry up or you use it too quick which means your always buying a new one. 
For quite a while, I have been obsessed with maybelline the falsies(like every other beauty guru) however when it ran out a few weeks back I decided it was time for a change. There are so many great drugstore mascara's out there that I haven't tried so I wanted to try something new but that lead to the trouble of deciding which one!  Lately, there have been so many new products being brought out by may different companies so this made it even more difficult. However, I've been seeing many mixed reviews on Loreal's Miss Manga mascara so I thought I'd give it a go and judge it for myself.

I've only been using it around 2 weeks but I can already tell why people like it and why some don't. The wand is really flexible which can be a plus to get right in the lashes but it is a little awkward and the wand is also quite small and narrow with varied length bristles which is ideal to get at smaller lashes but does mean it picks up quite a bit of product. 

Although this does give a lot of volume, it takes a few coats to make your lashes look thick otherwise one coat leaves them looking quite sparse. Also, it does make your lashes clump together a bit and leaves them feeling brittle and quite plastic like which can be irritating for the eyes. When using it, I have found my eyes/lashes feeling quite sore towards the end of the day. It doesn't smudge though which is a plus and is easy to remove.
As you can see, my lashes do look quite voluminous which it claims to do so it does do what it advertises however it's not a product for everyone. I will use it as it's not terrible but it's just not one of my favourite products but I suppose you have to try to know!
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