Monday, 28 July 2014


Hey Guys! You may or may not know that this year commemorates the 100th anniversary since world war one and to remember the soldiers who went off to fight for us, Liverpool had an amazing event this weekend. Two years ago, two giants walked the streets of Liverpool for the anniversary of the Titanic and this year the little girl and her dog, Xolo, returned along with her grandmother. 
All this may sound a little strange if you haven't seen or heard about it but a French creator designed these puppets that were up to 25 feet tall which came and paraded the streets of Liverpool and it was such an amazing thing to witness and something I'll never forget. If your wondering how they walked, there were many people, marionettes, who spend there day swinging off huge ropes to pull them down which moved the giants.. The effort that they put into it was amazing and I definitely wouldn't have ever been able to do it!! I know you can't experience it now but I wanted to share these memories with you by posting a few photos from this weekend...
sleeping Granny
remembering the soldiers..
The Scots 
New driving method if the radios broke..
25 foot grandma..

little girl giant
taking a well deserved nap
waving them off as they sail home
If you want to really experience this event then I'll link a video taken by my auntie here so you can see the atmosphere and how they moved but you can also search giant spectacular on youtube or twitter to see more!

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