Sunday, 13 April 2014

Dinner and a 50's style cinema...

Hey guys! So, all week I've been quite stuck on what to do my blog post about today until Friday when I had an idea. As I'm off school for two weeks(for Easter) my auntie decided we'd spend the day out and about. The majority of the day we spent watching The Vampire Diaries in my cousins but later on we then went for tea. We went to quite a small restaurant called Almonds and it was delicious! However, I may of actually ate too much as we had a 3 course meal.. A lot of food! 
For starter I had 'soup of the day' which was cream of garlic mushrooms with home made bread. Although it doesn't look too appetizing it was actually so tasty.

Next up, for main course, I had a cheeseburger with home made chips, coleslaw and salad but I didn't eat the salad or coleslaw.. I just ate the unhealthy part!

Finally, for pudding I had strawberry cheesecake, yum!! I couldn't eat anything else on the menu as it all had chocolate in and I've gave that up for lent but I was actually glad I chose cheesecake because it was delicious.

And that was me absolutely stuffed! I literally felt like I was going to burst, or fall asleep.

However, the day didn't end there. Later on we went down to the new drive-in cinema by the Docks to see Grease! It was so much fun because it felt so old fashioned, especially because in Grease they actually go on a date to a drive-in cinema. Whilst there you can actually order food that gets delivered to your car but we was so stuffed we couldn't fit nothing else in.. Apart from some popcorn and sweets but that's a cinema essential! Going to the drive-in cinema though was, in my opinion, better than the actual cinema because you was in your car so no one could bother you. Also, you tuned your radio in to listen to it which I think is better because you can have it at your own volume and.. as it was a musical, you  can sing along without disturbing anyone! Hahah. So, if you have one near to  you then you should definitely go and see a film there. I'm not sure if there are any others but the one I went was Route 66 and they have two, one in Liverpool and another in Manchester. I will, for sure, be going again! 

As you can see by the poster, it was quite American styled
This is when we first parked up so it was still bright
Stranded at the drive-in
Tell me about it... stud
We go together like..

So that was my little day out! I hope you've enjoyed this little insight into what I sometimes get up to. Maybe I've persuaded you to go to drive-in cinema too.. If you've enjoyed this blog post then don't forget to tweet me and let me know, my links are below!
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