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Creme egg cheesecake

Hey guys! It's a few hours early but just wanted to say Happy Easter for tomorrow!! As it's Easter tomorrow you'll probably be getting a lot of chocolate(if you do celebrate Easter) and sometimes you end up with that much that you don't end up eating it all for months so I thought I'd do a blog on a way you can use up some of that chocolate and make a delicious dessert.. Creme egg cheesecake!! 
For this recipe you will need:
125g butter
300g chocolate digestives
700g cream cheese
200ml soured cream(I made mine using 200ml of cream and 2 teaspoons of lemon whisked together)
100ml double cream
200g icing sugar
2 packs of mini Creme eggs or 6 normal sized ones

To begin, crush your chocolate digestives. I found the easiest way to do this was to put them in a ziplock sandwich bag and use a rolling pin to crush them... This is really good also to take out anger haha! 

Next, you need to add the butter to a saucepan and put it on a low heat to melt the butter until it is liquid.

Then put in your crushed buicut crumbs and stir the two together to create more sticky and moulded buiscut crumbs.

Pour these crumbs into a cake tin and press firmly on it to create the cheesecake base using wither the back of a spoon or even your hands (You may want to line your cake tin first incase it sticks.) Then place the base in the fridge to chill for 30 minutes.

Whilst the base is in the fridge, you can begin on your topping! 
Firstly, whisk your double cream until at a thick peak. I'd suggest using an electric whisker as it can take a while! 

Leave your double cream to the side for a minute and pour the soured cream, cream cheese and icing sugar into a separate bowl and mix together till you have quite a funny consistency.

Once all mixed, then add your double cream and 3 of your Creme eggs(chop them into small pieces firstly though) and fold all the mixture together until it's looks quite smooth and creamy. 

Then take your base out the fridge and layer your topping on to it making sure it is evenly spread, it's best to use a spatula or knife for this! And place it back into the fridge for at least an hour. You can leave it longer if you want, it's probably best to so that the topping is quite firm.

When your cheesecake feels a lot firmer, then begin melting your chocolate. To do this take a saucepan and fill 1/4 of it with boiling water, place the broken chocolate into a separate bowl and place this on top of the pan just touching the water then leave if on the heat and continue mixing it until all melted with no bumps. This method prevents it from burning! 

Then take your cheesecake out of the fridge and pour the chocolate on top to create a thin layer of chocolate coating. It will begin to set though so you have to do this quite quickly, you can see in my picture where bits have started setting.

As a finishing touch simply chop the remaining Creme eggs into small chunks and decorate the top, I done mine in a small cluster but feel free to do it however you want to! 

And there you have it! A delicious Creme egg cheesecake! Although, I actually haven't tried this yet because I gave up chocolate for lent so I can't try til tomorrow! Also, I will take a better photograph once it's out the cake tin and will tweet it(my users below) tomorrow because this is actually a gift to some of my family instead of and egg so mines still in the fridge! 
You don't have to use Creme eggs either, you can do this recipe with any chocolate you may have left over from Easter! Of you do recreate this then tweet me a picture or Instagram it and tag me, all my links are below, so I can see yours!! 
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