Friday, 18 April 2014

Countryside walk..

Hey guys! Seen as though last weeks 'day in the life' blog post seemed to go down well I thought I'd do another this week but this ones a lot more relaxed. As part of school life, I decided to sign up for something called Duke of Edinburgh(DofE) which is basically a qualification. To gain the qualification you have to start with bronze(this is what I'm doing) and then work up to silver then gold. For bronze you must do an hour of voluntary work, an hour of physical exercise and an hour of skills each week for 6 months. After the 6 months you then go on an expedition which is basically a 7/8 hour day walking to a location where you then camp but this includes putting up your tent and making your food then the next day you do another 7/8 hour day walking back to your begining location! Although it sounds terrible and your probably wondering why I would ever sign up for this, it's actually a really good thing to have on your college application and also, it is quite fun! 
So, this week we had to go on a trial walk in colomendy which is in wales. This was probably half of what the actual walk on the day is but it was to get us used to being outdoors and seeing what it was actually like. Luckily, the teachers were with us on this, unlike what it will happen on our expedition, so they was able to help us with map reading and they basically led the way. To be fair, I was dreading the walk. I don't like outdoors or nature or freshair so all those things together seemed like a recipe for disaster however the day was ok. It was quite fun despite it being a little tiring and hot. 
The begining half of the walk was mostly up hill so because it was warm this was quite tiring and we did stop several times for breaks but once we reached the top for lunch we then got a long break and could take in the view around us. Then coming back, the majority of the walk was down hill and shaded so it wasn't that bad. It actually went quite quick and we was back to the mini bus in what felt like no time at all! Bonus, on the way back we stopped at a service station which had a costa so that topped my day off! 
Although it felt like quite a long and tiring day, it wasn't too bad and it was good preparation for our actual thing! However we do have a trial expedition coming up soon where we have to camp over night! The only bad thing about it was walking through fields of sheep!! 
Whilst on the walk I took a few photos so I could share the view with you!

Overall it was a quite good day and it was nice to just get out the house and do something! I hope you've enjoyed this little blog post, it's just a little filler through the week as I'm hoping to have another post up for you tomorrow! 
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