Monday, 24 March 2014

Miracle in a Jar

Hey guys! Quite a while ago I went to one of Harvey Nichols Beauty Bazaar's events and whilst there origins were doing mini facials and massages with some of their new products. Me and my friend decided to have one to give it a try. The women who done it used their GinZing energy boosting moisturiser and it was lovely(I'd definitely have another) After the massage my face felt so hydrated and smelt amazing!! As it was a few weeks before my birthday I decided to add the moisturiser to my wishlist and I was lucky enough to receive it for my birthday. I've had this since the end of November and there is still so much left so it is worth the money. As the name suggests, this is quite a zingy smell. I'd say its quite strong and has a orange based smell but I personally love the smell! It's quite oily and dewy so I wouldn't suggest it for oily skin but for dry or normal(like mine) it is perfect. I don't use it every night as I alternate between this and a soap and glory one but I mainly use this if my skin feels tight or a little dry that day, or if I just want to give my skin a boost. It does say on the back to use this am and pm but I only use it of a night because I think it may give you a shine to the skin through the day or cause your makeup to look oily. It is like a miracle though as it is so hydrating and your skin feels so good after you use it. I think origins also do an eyecream in this range so I'm actually considering purchasing this soon too.

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