Monday, 17 March 2014

Makeup, makeup and... makeup!

Hey guys! A few weeks ago I went into town just for a look around but it ended in me buying quite a bit of new makeup, oops! So, I thought I may aswell do a blog post and show you guys what I bought. Plus, it makes me feel less guilty for buying it if I convince myself it was for the purpose of a blog post...

At least it doesn't look like a lot...

The first shop I found myself wondering into was MAC. Usually, this would be a huge mistake because I'd end up buying far too much however I had a few vouchers from Christmas so I used them in there.
I picked up the brush cleanser because my brushes were in desperate need of a good clean so  I thought  I may aswell. I've only used it once so far but it is really good at getting your brushes super clean and it doesn't take long at all.

I also decided to try out Studio Fix plus powder because I've heard so many mixed reviews and I wanted to try it for myself so I asked someone if they could colour match  me(I am NW25) and for the few times I've used it I quite like it. I wanted to use it without foundation but it is a little patchy, if you have any tips then let me know, but as a matte powder over foundation it is brilliant if your looking for a flawless coverage. 

The last thing I got in MAC was a blusher. This one is 'Dame'. I was in there for ages swatching the blushes but in the end I decided on this one as it was a really nice pink shade and I usually go for peaches so this was a nice change. It also has a little shimmer but not too much so it gives a gorgeous glow.
The camera isn't doing this colour justice..
Next shop I ran into was superdrug to get a maybelline brow drama because everyone and anyone has been raving about this so I wanted to give it a try. I picked up medium brown but I haven't had a chance to try this yet.

If you haven't heard, or your not from the uk, Primark have released their very own range of makeup, PS Love, and apparently it is really good quality for the price so I decided to grab a few items to give a try. 
I picked up firstly, the pressed powder foundation brush because I don't have a flat top brush and I wanted to try it. The quality isn't  too bad considering it was only £1.50 obviously it's not like a MAC brush or any big brand but it seems to be good so far, whether that changes when I wash it I don't know.

Then I got an eyelash curler because mine was falling apart and this was only £1 so I thought it was worth a try and I actually prefer this to my clinique one so well done primark!

Whilst near the makeup brushes, I saw these little packs of tweezers which had one regular one and one pointed one which looked ideal for applying eyelashes so I got them too. They are such a cute butterfly pattern which made me get them aswell...

Then, for makeup items, I firstly picked up this liquid eyeliner as the brush was a little thicker and more flexible rather than my other ones I have so I wanted to see what it was like.

I also got two eyebrow pencils, a lighter shade and a darker. These also have two spoolys on one end which is always handy.

Then I picked up two lip stain pens. One is a vibrant orangey toned red and the other is a red toned pink which are two colours that are in for spring/summer.

Finally, I bought this lip crayon which is a really pretty sheer nude. I got this because I really loved the colour and I don't have many nudes in my lip colours so I wanted to add this to my collection.

And that is everything!! Sorry if you don't really enjoy hauls but I love reading them, probably because I'm nosey, and I know other like them too. Also, sorry for not explaining the PS Love range much or swatching. It is because I'm planning on going back and getting some more items and then doing a more detailed review in another blog post.. If you would like that, let me know! 
Thankyou for reading..
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