Sunday, 30 March 2014

Crown Brushes...

Hey guys! So if you've read several of my blog posts you'll probably of noticed my love for real techniques brushes and, although they are my favourite, they don't  have many eyeshadow brushes which meant I had to look for a new brand to get them from. The most obvious would probably be MAC however the prices there are very high and I didn't want to be spending around £15 for one brush! So,  I decided to do some research for any brands that were similar and I found a few but one that kept reoccurring was Crown. I'd never heard of them so I decided to take a look on their website and was shocked by how affordable they were. The brushes were around £3, some cheaper! I got these in December so I've used them a few times and washed them but they are still really good and I haven't seen a change in them when I washed them. I only have one MAC brush which is the 217 so I can't compare them greatly however compared to the 217, in some ways I prefer the crown ones as they are softer. The only thing I don't like about them is how some don't have brush names or numbers on and how they are different length brushes but that's probably just me being picky! 
These are the ones I got and what dupe they are to MAC's brushes.
MAC Brushes                                 CrownBrushes

219                    Precision Pencil - C431
239                     Chubby Shadow - C417
224                        Deluxe Crease- C200 
208                Angle Definer/Liner - C409
209                              Mini Liner - C250-0
212          Flat Definer/Camouflage - C211
214                         Chisel Shader - C408
227                         Jumbo Shadow- C407
275                        Angled Shadow - C420
249                         Red Sable Oval - C203

I'm not entirely sure where you can buy these brushes from in shops but I know you can order them online here. They also do face and lip brushes along with a lot more eye brushes but I haven't had a chance to buy any more yet.. I'm sure I will though!
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