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Updated Everyday Makeup

Hey guys! Sorry for not posting a blog post last week, I wasn't well last weekend and threw the week I have been catching up on school work so I just haven't had a chance to post anything! Now I'm back though, I thought I'd do a much needed updated everyday makeup look. I think my first actual blog post was my everyday makeup  and that was back in May or June maybe so it has definitely changed since then! I still use some of the products because I just haven't found anything better than those however most products are new/different now. If you want to find out how to get this natural makeup look then keep on reading...

First of all, usually, I apply moisturiser which can vary. If I have dry skin then I use my origins ginzing moisturiser but if my skins fairly ok then I use my soap and glory bright here, bright now radiance balm which isn't as dewy as the origins one. Then I go on to my makeup!
All the products I use on my face to make me look more human of a morning!
Next I use my favourite foundation(which I think is still the same as the one I used in my old everyday look). This is the rimmel match perfection in the shade 103 true ivory. I love this because it is quite dewy but not too radiant like the wake me up one and it has light/medium coverage which makes it look more natural. I apply this using the real techniques expert face brush.

To get rid of my dark circles because getting up early  for school means you definitely end up with big black rings around your eyes! In the very inner corner I use collection lasting perfection concealer(I don't think I even need to explain how amazing this is because everyone raves about it!) in the shade 001 which is the lightest so it highlights and makes my eyes look more awake. Then towards the outer edge I use this natural collection concealer in the lightest shade. This one is slightly darker than the collection one and less coverage so they blend together nicely. To blend them I use the real techniques deluxe crease brush and with anything left on the brush, I take it across the eyelid to make them an even colour and over any imperfections on my face.

To stop my makeup from moving around and ending up down by my feet throughout the day, I powder using rimmel stay matte(another beauty guru favourite) in transparent. This literally is a lifesaver, it stops your face from looking shiny and stops your makeup moving around. I use the real techniques duo fibre face brush(you may be seeing a pattern with what brushes I use..)

Then I contour and blush.. Is that even the right expression, 'blush'? To contour I use MAC's harmony on the same brush because it doesn't pick up too much product which helps the makeup stay natural. It would be a bit obvious if I had a really sculptured face! I apply this to the hollows of my cheeks and my temples. I then use my topshop creme blusher in morning dew. Its just a really pretty coral/pink shade and creme blushers are better for natural looks as they keep the face looking quite dewy and fresh. I apply this using my real techniques burffing brush as it just works best for me with this blusher.

Next is onto my brows, for this I use MAC Brun which is too dark for me when I'm keeping my brows natural so I just use a little bit. I'm going to get MAC omega next time I'm in town so it matches my brows better. I use a real techniques brow brush and full in my brows and bring them in slightly because mine don't grow as far in as they should. Then I set my brows using MAC brow set which is in transparent however it doesn't look it because it's picked up the powder off my brows when I've been using it!

I then go onto my eyes and for this I use two smashbox products. I use the smashbox eyeliner to line my waterline slightly and then I use smashbox full exposure mascara. Both of mine are miniatures as I got them from a trial set but I love them! They do not smudge through the day or come off so I will definitely be buying the full product when mine run out.

Finally, I used my baby lips in pink punch with cherry me to give a slight glossy, pinky/red shade to my lips. They're also really nourishing and keep my lips hydrated all day. They are actually gorgeous and amazing for the price. Plus, they don't have too much colour so they keep it natural!

So, that's everything I use for my everyday makeup look! This look is perfect for school if you can't really wear makeup.. like me! Or if you just want to have a really natural makeup look. I tried to make this a really simple tutorial so you can follow it if you want to try it yourself. 
This is what the makeup looks like!
Wow..  extremely close here!

And now I seem to be looking at something.. haha
I hope you have liked this style blog. I also hope this is helpful if you were looking for a natural makeup look that isn't too expensive because most of these products can be found in a drugstore for around £10 at the most!
Thanks for reading..
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