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Hey guys! Over the past few weeks I've been coming to an end of many products so instead of binning them I've kept hold of them so I could do an 'empties' post. Basically, I'm just going to show you a few products I've been using and if I liked them or would re-purchase any of them!

So, as you can see, there's quite a collection of things I've used up over the past few weeks and there's quite a range of things. All of them are beauty related but there are a few shower products, hair care, skin care ect..

The first thing that I used up is one of my favourite Soap&Glory products. It's the Flake Away scrub  which is so good! I only use this on my legs as it is pretty gritty and I feel it would be a little too harsh on any other places but for the legs it is perfect. It removes any dead skin so easily but has oils in so that they stay nourished. Plus, it smells really good too!

The next product I ran out of was this Pantene hair mask. I only use this once a week but as I have dyed my hair it is necessary to use it as it restores the healthiness back into your hair. All you do is apply it instead of conditioner, leave it for 2 minutes and then rinse it off. It's really simple to use but it is a saviour for damaged hair.

This Nivea lip balm was what ran out next and was probably the one I was most sad about! This is the only lip balm that seems to keep my lips moisturised but it has become so hard to find so I've literally been squeezing every last bit out of it until I find a new one. So, this is something I definitely will be re-purchasing as it is a lifesaver!!

Another product that is empty is this Witch blemish stick. I'm not really sure how this works or what it is properly but it is sort of an oily stick that you apply to pimples or blemishes and it seems to take them down straight away before they turn into spots. If you've tried a lot of products and are looking for something else that might prevent any spots then I'd recommend this as it works brilliantly for me and lasts ages.

I haven't had this perfume very long but I use it every day so it has lasted quite well. It is Optimistic by Jon-Paul(I believe, not too sure) but it is a light florally scent and I just use it for school as it is fairly cheap and I don't like using my more expensive perfumes for school.

These two products only ran out today but they are amazing! They're the Original Source shower gels made from natural ingredients and these two are just some of my favourites. They have many different scents which I also love but the Mint and Tea Tree is definitely my favourite! These are really nice as they quite thick and lather up nicely plus they all smell so good. We always have many of these in our house so we don't run out!

This product is one that will definitely be re-purchased. It is the Fudge Urban iced raspberry and vanilla hair spray. Oh my gosh, this is one of the most amazing scents ever! It literally makes me want to eat my hair, it just smells so good and also keeps your hair in place all day without making it feel dry or look really stiff.

This has to be one of my favourite shampoos!  It is is the VO5 give me texture shampoo. The reason I love this so much is because my hair is quite thin and lifeless because of how much dye I use on it but when I wash my hair using this it gives it so much more volume and texture which makes my hair look a lot thicker. It also makes it look like it is in great condition and it feels it too.

This ran out a while ago and I've yet to see it in any shops which makes me so sad. I had this since around August so it lasts so long and it is amazing! It's the Garnier ultra-softening lotion. I love this whenever my skin is feeling dry because it gives it so much moisture plus it doesn't take long to soak in so you don't have to wait ages to get dressed. Again, I love the smell of this also, it reminds me of being on holiday.

This final thing is my ultimate favourite! This is Soap&Glory's the fab pore hot cloth cleanser. Bit of a mouthful but this is amazing! All you have to do is apply a grape sized amount to your hand and then rub it all over your face(when you have makeup on) and continue to rub for a minute then use hot water and a muslim cloth to wipe off the product and it removes all your makeup too. It is hardly any effort to do and will keep your skin in tip top condition! The only thing I don't love is the smell, I don't hate it but it's just not my favourite.

So that's all the products I had that recently ran out! I hope this has interested you and perhaps gave you a little knowledge into some products you may want to try out in the future. I recommend all of them because I have loved using them and will be purchasing them again more than likely! 
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