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The Most Beautiful Palette Ever

Hey guys!! So if you can't tell from the title already I'm a little bit(just a tiny bit..) in love with the product I'm doing this blog post on. I received mine as a gift for Christmas and was immediately in love with how pretty it was and could not wait to have a go at using it! I'll stop teasing now and say what it is that I am in love with... The Naked 3 Palette from Urban Decay!!! 

I already have the 1st palette and I absolutely love that(I don't have the 2nd yet, hopefully soon) but this one just has such a gorgeous range of colours that are completely different to the 1st palette.  
This palette came in a hard rose gold coloured metal case with a large mirror inside, the 12 rose-hued neutral shade eye shadows, a double ended eye shadow brush and a sample of the Urban Decay eye primers. 
Eeeekkk!! It's sooo pretty!
The 12 shades(from left to right) are: Strangle, Dust, Burnout, Limit, Buzz, Trick, Nooner, Liar, Factory, Mugshot, Darkside and Blackout. There are 3 matte shades and 9 shimmer, some are more shimmered than others.

Strangle: a perfect matte highlight colour! A white shade with very pale pink undertones and very pigmented.
Dust: a gorgeous rose pink shimmer with silvery flex's of glitter
Burnout: a more nude shimmer with golden pink tones.

Strangle                        Dust                     Burnout 
Limit: another matte colour but this time a  mauve/greyish shade and again very pigmented.
Buzz: one of my favourite shades, a gorgeous dark rose colour with silver shimmer.
Trick: The only pure golden shade. It is more of a rose gold shimmer than a bright gold.

Limit                 Buzz                 Trick
Nooner: the last matte shade. This one is a darker shade than the others, I'd say it is quite grey but as it has a sort of velvet finish it looks as though it has burgundy undertones
Liar: a very shimmered, golden/copper colour.
Factory: a less shimmered and more brown undertone version of Liar. Those two would work perfect together.

Nooner        Liar           Factory
Mugshot: quite similar to the previous two but a more copper shade with more shimmer.
Darkside: a matte/velvet dark mauve shade. It is quite matte but with a velvet finish when applied.
Blackheart: very shimmered black with purple and silver flex's of glitter in. Amazing for a shimmered eye liner.

Mugshot           Darkside            Blackheart

So that was my review/ description of the Naked 3 Palette! I can't recommend this palette enough, it is absolutely stunning and the shades work all year time. In fact, all of Urban Decay's products are amazing and although they may seem slightly pricey, they are totally worth the price! I've had my Naked 1 palette since summer and used it quite a lot yet none are anywhere near hitting panel, they've only just got a dent in. All their products are also very well pigmented so you don't  have to apply too much product. 
I hope you have enjoyed this blog and if you have the palette then you will feel me when I show how much I love it and if you haven't then go check it out but warning... You may fall in love with it too!!
Thanks for reading..
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