Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Mini Makeup Haul!

Hi  guys! Soo.. This weekend I went to town with one of my friends and even though I was supposed to be shopping for Christmas presents I may of accidently took a little look in boots, topshop and superdrug and well.. Spent most of my money on presents for myself instead!
I did resist buying too much however I bought a few items and thought I would do a small haul seen as though the items I bought are going to be my new favourites(I can already tell)
On the Saturday I went up to Aintree to pick up a few gifts and whilst I was in there I picked up two things.
One of these items was the Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge. I'm such a huge lover of the Real Techniques brushes and have been for a while. I've been wanting a makeup sponge so that when I'm doing my foundation for school, it will be more natural so when I saw that Real Techniques were doing one it was the perfect time to get one. However, each time I've been in to any local drug stores there hasn't been any but when I went in there were a few left so I decided to pick one up. It is so soft and even though I've only used it a few times it is really good so far.

Whilst in boots I also picked up Perrie's nail  varnish from Little Mix's range for Collection. I already have Perrie's lipstick and it is such a nice colour and well pigmented so I decided to pick up  the nail varnish as it looks like the perfect colour for winter time.  It is a burgundy/plum shade with a glossy finish.

Then, on Sunday I went shopping again in town. I bought another 3 items whilst I was there.
In superdrug, the first counter I went to was Sleek as I have been looking for a new blusher and they have such a wide range of shades to pick from. Instead of getting just a blusher, I ended up getting the face form palette which has a bronzer, highlighter and blush. The blush is a perfect dupe to Nars Orgasm which is a oranged toned pink with iridescent glitters in and also the bronzer is very similar to Benefit Hoola. I got mine in  the lightest palette as I am very pale but they have 4 different shades.

The second thing I bought was the Collection, lasting perfection concealer. I have heard so many youtubers and bloggers talk about how good this concealer is but I have never tried it myself. This concealer must be popular though because every time I've looked around for it, it has usually been out of stock so when I saw it this time I decided to just buy it. After buying it I must say I'm glad to have joined the band wagon. It's such a good under eye concealer as it is brightening yet it is also good for any spots or blemishes as it is quite high coverage. I again had to get the lightest shade in this also.

Finally, the last shop I went into was topshop. Although you would associate topshop for clothing, it also sells makeup which is in fact really good. I own 2 lipsticks, a lip liner and cream blush and have had other items from there previously and they have all been really good. I wasn't going to buy anything however I had been looking for a new liquid eyeliner for a while since mine ran out and as I had never tried it before I decided to give topshop's one a go. I haven't tried it yet properly but seen as though the slight line I drew on my hand only came off yesterday after washing my hands about 1000 times I think it's safe to say that it doesn't budge much!

Soo this is everything in this short little haul. I know it's not too much but I thought I would just show you these few items and also because I haven't done a blog for a while and felt like one was needed! I hope you have enjoyed this post and if you want to then feel free to ask any questions as comments below or tweet me.. My links are below

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