Sunday, 1 December 2013

Gift Ideas!

Hi guys! So I just want to start off with a disclaimer. In no way, shape or form am I trying to boast or brag in this blog post. Although I am showing what I received for my birthday I am more so doing this blog as Christmas is approaching and I thought it may give some people ideas of what to get for someone or what to ask for... Or some people just like to have a nose at what others get(like me) so I thought this would be quite interesting. I'm also only going to show the beauty bits I got because I know most people who read my blog are more interested in that rather than everything. After a lot of rambling, I'm finally going to get started!

So.. Being a huge makeup lover the main thing I asked my dad for was a MAC eyeshadow palette. This is a great gift for anyone into eyeshadow because you don't have to buy it complete, you can gradually add eyeshadows and make it exactly how you want it. Along with my palette, my dad also got me 4 eyeshadows I had asked for and my friend also got me another.
Following with the MAC items, I also asked him for a 217 brush as this is often talked about by any makeup youtuber or blogger for being the best blending brush. From hearing that I thought it would be the perfect brush to start my collection.
Another friend also got me MAC crème cup lipstick which I had been after for ages.
 Just to show what shades I got
I also received even more makeup off my other friends. Off one friend I got a Benefit lipgloss set, another I got an EOS lipbalm and Essie Fiji, a hair care kit from another, a HD brow kit from my auntie and a smashbox trial set which is amazing may I add!
HD brow palette:Vamp
A really good gift if your unsure on what to get is a book.. Although, not just any book, try seeing what they're into and getting a book to do with it. If there into fashion or makeup then there is a ton of great books to get. I received Alexa Chung 'IT' and Lauren Conrad's Beauty book as these are two huge idols of mine!
Another gift that isn't 100% beauty related but I'm still going to add is a Pandora woven bracelet which I received from my dad. I thought I'd add this because it's such a good gift idea as you can then add charms to it, plus it's gorgeous!
 Thanks for reading, I hope it's given you a few gift ideas and if you liked it then be sure to leave a comment below saying what you liked or if you have any questions!
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