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24 Days of Nails!

Hey Guys! 3 blog posts in 3 days.. I'm on a roll! This year instead of having a chocolate advent calender, I had a Ciate nail varnish calender. Basically, each day I opened the door and a different colour nail varnish was in each one, such a cute idea! So I thought I would share with you what colours were in there because I'm pretty sure they actually sell the colours aswell. Some may be limited edition but I don't believe they all are. Plus, each door had a cute little quote on and you also got a funnel for some special nail varnishes!

They're all so Pretty!!

There are images below that show each nail varnish in order of day.
From left to right.

Day 1: Snow Globe, a clear varnish with white and silver iridescent bits in. The name pretty much gives a good description, it is like a the glitter in a snow globe.
Day 2: Boudoir, this is a dark red with a very glossy finish.
Day 3: Hopscotch, a peachy toned orange with slight pink undertones.
Day 4: Was a bracelet with Ciate's signature bow on but mine is in a bag so I didn't have it to photograph.
Day 5: Hoopla, this is a baby pink colour with blue undertones. It's actually a really similar colour to Creme cup lipstick by Mac.
Snow Globe, Boudoir, Hopscotch, Hoopla

Day 6: Sugar Plum, a pastel lilac with a few grey tones. It's quite transparent.
Day 7: Fit For A Queen, this ones a very sparkly silver that in different lights appears a little like a shiny wrapper.
Day 8: Caviar Pearls Deck The Nails, these are small red and gold balls that you apply using the funnel over your nail varnish whilst wet and then add a clear top coat.
Day 9: Kiss Chase, a more bright pink but still quite light.
Sugar Plum, Fit For A Queen, Deck The Nails, Kiss Chase
Day 10: Pillow Fight, this is a light grey colour that is quite transparent also.
Day 11: Amazing Gracie, A very baby pink. You could actually say this is a white with pink tones in as it's that light.
Day 12: Hidden Gem: this ones quite an olive green colour with some yellow.
Day 13: Loop The Loop, this ones a very pastel sunshine yellow shade.
Pillow Fight, Amazing Gracie, Hidden Gem, Loop the Loop

Day 14: Party Shoes, a clear varnish with mainly gold but also a few iridescent small pieces in.
Day 15: Glitter All The Way, perfectly described in the name. This ones literally just a gold glitter that you also apply the same as the Caviar beads.
Day 16: Chinchilla, this colour reminds me of an elephant. It's a grey shade with blue tones.
Day 17: Members Only, one of my favourites! This is a gorgeous nude shade with a pearl effect.
Party Shoes, Glitter All They Way, Chinchilla, Members Only

Day 18: Knickerbockerglory, bit of a mouth full but this is a hot pink colour with a really glossy finish.
Day 19: Caviar Pearls Ice Queen, these again are the same as the other Caviar pearls however these ones are silver and bronze.
Day 20: Apple & Custard, a mint green pastel shade that has quite a matte finish.
Day 21: Iced Frappe, this ones a really muted purple but in different lights it looks quite shimmered.
Knickerbockerglory, Ice Queen, Apple & Custard, Iced Frappe

Day 22: 3 small glittery nail files. A gold, green and red the perfect colours for the festive period and really handy to throw in your bag.
Day 23: Sequins Mistletoe Madness, these are again similar to the Caviar Pearls and glitter but these are sequins. They apply the exact same as the others. These ones are in gold, red and green again perfect for this festive period and they look so expensive looking on nails when really it only takes a few minutes and pounds!
Day 24: Talent Scout, a bright and vibrant purple with a really glossy finish.

Nail Files, Mistletoe Madness, Talent Scout

So that is all of the nail polishes. I hope this blog hasn't been too long but I thought it would be quite useful because I know it's really hard to tell from pictures or from the bottle as to what the colour looks like. My explanations may not be the best but hopefully they make sense to you!
Thanks for reading and Merry Christmas!!!!!
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