Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Small makeup/ jewellery haul!

Hey guys! So I don't usually upload till Sundays but I thought I would just slip in a cheeky haul seen as though in off so I have the time to write it and also because its not too long but I thought use may be interested to see what I bought whilst shopping yesterday! 

 Firstly I went into boots because I was looking for maybelline baby lips but they didn't have them which was a bit disappointing but instead I picked up a few other bits. I also wanted to pick up a new Rimmel stay matte and I completely forgot so Ill have to go back and get one! 
The first counter I went to was the revlon one because I wanted to try and get a coral toned lip butter but unfortunately they didn't have the shade I wanted so instead I picked up cotton candy which is a quite sheer yet very shimmery pink colour. It's a really light pink but is very glossy on the lips. I really liked it because it's a change from wearing lip gloss and it's really nourishing on the lips especially as mine are quite dry due to the hot weather!

Next I went to the collection counter as I wanted to try there concealer as I always see Zoe aka Zoella raving about it so I wanted to give it a try but they only had the two darker shades which would of been no good for me so instead I went to the natural collection counter and picked up one of there concealers it the lightest shade. When I buy concealer I always like to pick up the shade lighter than my foundation because it blends in really well anyway but still keeps under your eyes looking just a bit brighter. 

Then I saw on the 17 counter that they had some of the creamy eye shadows similar to the colour tattoo ones so to give them a try I picked up a golden one which is called wild bronze. It's very shimmery but doesn't pick up on the golden colour greatly, it may not be well pigmented, so to if you was just putting this on then you may have to layer it a little but as a base it's lovely and helps the eye shadows stay in place.

After boots i went into mac because I'm running very low on my eyebrow powder and I didn't want to pick up the same palette again as I only use one colour in it so instead I went into mac and picked up 3 colours: charcoal brown, brun and mystery then I compared them to the colour I use. The closest one was brun which I already sort of knew I was going to get but I just wanted to check. When I was buying this the women also said it was a great eyebrow colour so I must of chose well! 

Finally I went into primark because I was really after a big bold necklace. I'd wanted one for ages but some were ridiculously expensive for a necklace so I thought primark would be a good place to look. I did find quite a few that I liked then I saw this one. It has a mixture of bronze and silver so it goes with everything and I also like the spike details on it because it gives it an edgy vibe. 

Before leaving I had to also look at the ear cuffs because these seem to be my obsession at the minute as I'm too scared to go get my upper ear pierced yet so these are handy until I do. Whilst looking I saw a golden coloured one that had a small diamanté stud and then 3 chains that had little crosses handing off. I thought it was really cute so I picked this up too!

That's it for my small haul! Sorry it's not incredibly long but I just thought I would show use the few bits I bought! Thankyou for reading! Byeeeeeee!!

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