Sunday, 30 June 2013

Summer ready!

Hey, how ya doin'?! So this weeks blog is slightly different. I thought I would change it up a little so instead of doing a beauty one, this weeks is more of health one. 
Seen as though summer is practically round the corner and a lot of use are probably going on holiday very soon I thought I would tell use a little bit about what I'm doing to try and get my body bikini ready! 

All through June I have been doing my best to eat as healthy as I could. I haven't ate a bar of chocolate or a pack of crisps all month.. Wow! At first it was hard because you sort of forget and go to the fridge but then you remember and have to tell yourself no but after a week or so I'd forgot all about it and instead of going for chocolate I was opening the fridge to get fruit or a yoghurt, anything that was a lot more healthy. I also cut out the toast with Nutella or the croissants and instead have been having either weetabix with banana or a new option, granola with strawberries and yoghurt. I've noticed also that eating a nice healthy breakfast has been making me feel more ready and awake of a morning and I haven't been snacking in between breakfast and lunch because its been filling me more. 

I've also been making sure I work out every night even if it is just for half an hour it still makes a different. As I don't really have time to go the gym, instead I have been watching various youtube videos on exercise which has been fun. Some nights I've been doing full body cardios to begin but others I have been doing dance workouts like Zumba and not only are these really good for burning fat, you don't need any equipment and you can do them any time in the comfort of your own house. After doing cardio to begin I have then been doing Pop Pilates beginners full body workout. I have watched and tried a few of the Pop Pilate videos but they've always been a bit too hard for me so when I found the beginners one it was great. She goes through every step with you and doesn't go too quickly however you still can feel the burn in your muscles as you workout. Then to finish I have been doing a few crunches and reverse crunches before stretching to finish off. 

I know that healthy eating and workouts can be boring, I've never really been good at doing anything like this however I've found this quite easy and also fun for once. It's not hardcore dieting, it's just cutting out all the fatty and sugary foods and replacing them with healthier options and also doing just an hour or so of working out in your own home at your own pace and not having to worry about anybody seeing you or judging you. 

Another tip is to have some inspiration or something to look forward to that will make you more determined. If your going on holiday, just think. Do you want to be confident in a bikini and not I worry about anyone or anything? Or if your not going on holiday you still may want to feel more confident! You could also find an image of a body that you would really like. It doesn't have to be a skinny little model. Make it something achievable! For instance, on my wall I have a few pictures of Jesy Nelson form Little Mix and Marilyn Monroe because they may not be tiny size 0 models but they still have amazing figures that are achievable and look gorgeous! Don't forget, you can still have days when you may have a little off moment and have a chocolate bar. You don't have to completely cut them out just have them in a small quantity. It's the same for any food really. As long as you eat it in the right proportion then it won't do any harm!!

Hopefully you have enjoyed this change in style. Leave a comment below telling me if you have or not or tweet me @UrbanCandyX if you have any questions about this or even if you just have a question in general. I'd be happy to help!! Thanks for reading! Byeee

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