Sunday, 26 May 2013

Clothing Haul!

Hi guys! So before I start I just want to apologise for not posting last week, I wasn't well and I haven't had time through the week to write it so I'm sorry about that but seen as though I'm off for the week, to make up for it, I'm going to post two blogs! This one will be a fashion haul as you can see in the title and the next will either be another makeup tutorial or a product review! So with that I'm going to begin.. 

Okay, so firstly I done some online shopping.. I bought four items from h&m's website.

The first thing I ordered was this light grey top with big silver gems on. As soon as I saw this I loved it because it reminded me of the top Danielle Peazer wore on a night out with Liam Payne but was a fraction of the price! I don't know exactly how much it was but I think it was £14.99 or something around there. On the website it says it is cropped so I was planning on wearing a vest top under however when it came and I tried it on it was fine. It is a little shorter than most other tops but it isn't cropped. Also, the inside has white thread in so before wearing it I would recommend washing it so no little bits stick to your pants but apart from that I would say it is gorgeous! The material is so soft and the colour is lovely for the summer even though it's grey because it isn't dark, it's a very light wash grey!

The next thing I ordered was another top. This one is quite simply but I love the black panels on the side, the black trim around the collar and the button detail down the back. I think this one was in the sale and was only £10.99 so it was quite a bargain and also because I have seen quite similar tops in Topshop and Urban Outfitters for a lot more. The only bad thing that I forget to mention previously, h&m can sometimes be quite small on the sizes with some ranges so I would say this top is a little tight, I have kept it however because I will still wear it but the bigger size would of probably been better but I can't fault it apart from that! 

The third item was a pair on pants. I've been looking for black jeans that aren't too expensive for a while so I was checking h&m but most of there jeans are quite low cut and I prefer ones that are a little  higher on the waistband so I was ended up looking at the pants to see if they had any leggings and came across these which they call 'Treggings' They looked higher cut and a bit like jeans so I ordered them as they were only £12.99 and when they come and I tried them on they were actually really comfy. They look and feel a lot like jeans however they're really just like leggings and also they're better because they're thicker! They don't have a zip or anything, they just pull up like leggings would. I can't fault them at all because they're great!!

After ordering some things of h&m I decided to look on New Look and ended up ordering two dresses! 

The first one was a pinafore style dress. I've been looking around for one that isn't too expensive and is just a plain colour so when I saw it for £15 I ended up ordering it. They're were so many different styles but I preferred the rounded neck one because it was different and as it's just plain black I can pair it with anything. I wore it today with a long top that has a sort of net sleeve with polka dots on and dr. Martens and it went really well so you can pretty much wear it with any tops and it looks great! 

The other dress I ordered is quite plain. It's just a simple t-shirt dress in a light grey similar to the h&m top. The material is really light so it great for in the summer or you could wear it with tights and a jacket and it would look great in the winter too! It was £12.99 and they have so many different colours, I may order a few more because its just so nice and you can dress it up or down and it will still look amazing! 

After a lot of online shopping I headed into town to get a few different bits. 

First I went into primark were I picked up this maxi skirt for £10. It's white and quite see through so has a short underskirt that is tighter. I love maxi skirts because you can style them so many different ways and I love how this has a high black waist band on because i could wear a black vest top and it would look a bit more like a dress or a white vest top and the black would break up the colour or even add a belt around the waist band too to dress it up even more! I absolutely love it and for £10 it is a steal because I think it looks a lot more expensive! 

Finally, I headed into internacionale were I purchase two things.

Firstly, I picked up these light wash jeggings that were £14. I love these so much because they are a gorgeous light denim colour for the summer and are also really light material because they're only jeggings and not proper jeans. I love wearing these with my white converse and different summery shirts because they just look so pretty and summery! 

I then also picked up this t-shirt that was £12. At first I wasn't sure on it because I don't usually go for graphic tops, I prefer either plain tops or shirts and blouses but I ended up trying it on because I loved the colour and the tassels. When I tried it on I ended up loving it! It's really light and quite floaty and looks great with a lot of different coloured jeans! It's also quite low cut under the arms so you could wear a bright bra or vest top to add a little more colour to your outfit! 

So that is everything I bought recently! I hope you've enjoyed the first fashion blog and please tell me whether you have or not so I know whether to do more haul style blogs for use. Also if you have any questions about the items or shops I bought anything from then please ask me by either leaving a comment or tweeting me @UrbanCandyX and ill be sure to reply! Thanks for reading and I'll post again really soon!! X

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