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Life's a Bleach

Since Bleach London began, I have been a huge fan of theirs. I loved the various fun colours they created as hair dyes and especially loved that you could experiment with your hair as the dyes are so affordable as well as being wash in, wash out. From using their hair dyes for a few years, you can predict my excitement when they finally released a makeup line that coincided to their hair colours. As soon as the line came out I was eager to get my hands on some of their eyeshadows and lip kits, and have been loving them since purchasing so when they also released a palette containing 9 pressed glitters I knew I would fall in love.
The glitterati palette came out early this year(I think) and contains 9 unique shades of pressed glitters, with some matching previous hair dyes created by Bleach. As they are pressed glitters they do have some fall down because to wear them you don't need any primer or glitter glue, the glitters go on like shadows and then can be layered to create more…

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